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no doubt SS will have been on the case for all these years…:upside_down_face:

No but he will be in the future using his time travelling psychic powers to tell people in the past where to go and look now.

And the sailors haven’t aged* a day since going missing?

Well death is one solution to the aging process I suppose.

Can’t believe that I have done this, but GrahamO you pressed the right button.

In the future I will be dead. Myeloma Cancer, 5 years.

Enjoy your fun. I will continue to enjoy reading about imuk etc in the background. Sadly tri is now historic for me, need my leg pinned together urgently before it fractures, and then onto shedloads of tablets and monthly canulas (Urug I hate needles).

Apologies now for using this board in years gone by as a sounding board, of well educated diverse people. You may be interested to know that a foreign national once sat down beside me in Oxford Uni common room and talked to me about selling my services to governments. I said no. So someone somewhere takes my work seriously.

I even have a politician wanting to meet and talk to me nowadays so I must have done something right.

So the question is how many, if any, subs have been found, as a result of, or developed from, my work? I will probably never know. But at least I tried to solve a problem that The Economist said was a real practical problem.


Welcome to the new forum SS and what a first post!

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Really sorry to hear that, SS.

My dad was diagnosed with Myeloma 5 years ago. He was put on a drug trial and it seems to have slowed the progress of the disease. We’re just thankful for the extra time that it’s given him and he’s trying to make the most of every day

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Thank you whisk.

It’s been a rollercoaster few months, first liver disease, suspected severe fibrosis/chirrosis (overeating related), where I think the registrar laid on the worst case scenario to frighten me into losing weight. It worked. Then this.

I am causing the doctors no end of hassle, given my genuine reincarnation beliefs (and my prior NDE giving me a decade to think about when Mother Nature and Father Time called again) and lack of fear of death (how I die is another matter). I nearly refused treatment, but took wide ranging advice and reflected.

So it is a case of waiting for my turn on the operating table, hoping my leg doesn’t fracture in the meantime (I am pretty much barred from walking), followed by drugs.

I have spent half a decade now getting myself ready to return to work, while caring, and now this happens!

On the bright side, it’s a learning experience, I will have to face my needle fear better, which will lead to self growth, and I am giving a couple of doctors pause for thought.

You should have seen the face of a Sri lankian doctor when I explained my reincarnation beliefs, she said I may come back as a fish. When I asked what’s wrong with that, she visibly gave up!

It made me focus on what I still want to do in my 5 years (I know this is a statistical average). To be honest not much. Spend time with family, walk the west highland way (but that may be impossible, for several reasons), see my daughter graduate next year with her Masters. MDS might be a bit ambitious Now.

The big question is can I be arsed to find the willpower to fight it. I have a legitimate ‘out’ and it is so tempting just to let nature take its course. I have had a good life, not a particularly happy one for the most part due to Mother and then wife ill health, but I am happy and am satisfied that I have done enough in life. To be honest my wife and adult children are taking it worse than me.

You never know I might decide to keep being a pain in the ass and keep going for another quarter of a century, but 5 years I can live with. Take up yoga or Tai Chi at Maggies, help others navigate the benefits system in their time of need, spend more quality time with family (as opposed to studying, retraining and attempting problem solving eg predicting terrorist attacks).

It is funny though, it is only when death approaches, that others seem to be recognising my work over the past 2 decades. But that might just be skewed perception on my part. But if they are they have left it a bit late.


Stay strong Sloggers, great to have you back. You certainly liven the place up.

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Welcome back. For me, the fun was to be shared and the discussion constructive.

Sorry to hear about your illness, but good to see you are remaining philosophical. :+1:

Philosophical is my middle name. We all die, there is no escaping it. I have just had a decade to get used to the idea, and having done everything I need to do here, and with only only a few things left that I want to do, as noted above, short of my financial situation turning immediately positively forwards substantially (which would enable other things, a holiday, world peace, travel to shake Rory Stewart’s hand), I can face judgement again with a balanced heart.

Death will happen to each and everyone here one day. I can assure you from first hand prior experience, death isn’t something to be scared of (in fact in your last hours earthly concerns simply evaporate away), now the ‘how you die’ is something to be concerned about. Eg in bed at home with family v some rogue nations torture chamber. Or liver disease v cancer. Etc.

Still can’t believe that I passed judgement (twice, I argued with the Gods first time around in disbelief that I had passed) last time around. This time is going to be real interesting ‘you know this development from Homo Erectus et all to Homo Sapiens, now might be a good time to go to Homo whatever.’

More importantly, do you have any idea how frustrating it is having a doctor telling you that you can’t walk more than half a mile a day (around the house essentially) slowly, else your leg risks fracturing. I may be a fat slob but I enjoy exercise. Of mind and body.

I just feel sorry for the (presumed) physio after my surgery when I badger him/her about getting mobile ASAP.

I don’t want to get drawn back in here, life is to short, but I wanted to correct something above, just so that it is accurate, and may give some hope to others.

Met my surgeon today. For the first time in a long time he gave me good news. In his opinion I don’t need the leg pinning surgery that the Cancer doctor has delayed my cancer treatment for (which is fantastic), and not only can I walk again, I, after a decade away on doctors advice, can run again (flipping marvellous, but slowly does it, got to get through cancer treatment and get back out there walking first).

I may have a big cancer lesion in my thigh, but the bone is strong. Obviously that is a direct result of the past few weeks of esoteric self healing on my skeleton :wink: .

I am just amazed that after a decade of doctors telling me not to run again, and then recently only to walk short distances slowly (else my leg risks fracture) that I can now run! Thank you Mr surgeon.

To say that I am ecstatic is an understatement. Might just get the MDS done one day after all. Bone pain, fatigue, and cancer treatment I can deal with, but being housebound was doing my head in.

B@s€ this means that before my statistical 5 years are up I may have to try another tri. That means I will have to learn to swim again.

Anyhoo off as a lurker again, as I say I just wanted an accurate record ‘out there’ for those who have genuine interests in my skillsets.

I will leave you all to your looking for missing subs. While I ponder how relevant or irrelevant my few weeks of intense self healing willpower was (my track record of beating doctors expectations is increasing). It’s the stubborn mule in me.


Cant believe that I am asking this here, but your weekly email highlighted my last post, which got me thinking.

As noted above my surgeon told me I could get out running on soft surfaces. I haven’t ran since my gp told me to stop a decade ago. Now bear in mind I have big holes in both femurs, which do hurt (normal with this cancer), but jeepers when I tried to jog in the park, a few steps was agony. I will work through this, slowly like a tortoise, but not for another few weeks I think. Anyone here recovered from serious leg injury? If so what did you do? Suck it up? Pop painkillers first? Something else?

The surgeon said I could be running within 3 months. Part of me is a bit scared while part of me just wants to go for it. I am being the tortoise, but someone here must have run again after a long break and leg injury.

For clarity I obviously know all about building back up properly, it’s more the mental leap through the initial pain that I could use your experience with.

Thanks for any serious replies.

Sorry no subs. But nice to see stuff I was harping on about months ago make widespread news nowadays (again)…the effects of Brexit on GB/UK cohesion. Hope it all works out ok, especially since even Welsh MPs are publicly questioning whether Wales should stay in GB. Ah well no one can ever say I didn’t forewarn. Still those days are behind me now. Priorities change. Got to get over the pain and self confidence of running again, by the time I see the surgeon again in 3 months (for a confirmatory check).

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Sorry SS, no experience with leg injuries but when I had serious back issues and unable to run for many months, I got on the cross trainer in the gym. Minimal impact and did some low intensity intervals to start just to keep it interesting.

I can see you have the motivation and drive to get back to running, and you’re obviously going to take it easy. Hopefully someone with experience of leg injuries can give better advice than me. Good luck and look forward to hearing how you progress.

Thank you Homer.

I recently managed about 20 paces jogging, just grinning and bearing it. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t climb stairs without holding on due to pain, so good progress is being made (it’s my esoteric skills I tell you :wink: ). Ordered some basic proper running shoes :athletic_shoe: which wouldn’t be my first choice but were cheap. To be honest I am bricking it, the pushing back into running, but will get there. Very slowly.

Got to beat those camels (mds) somehow.

if it hurts, don’t run. If you message me an email address, i will send you some drills and exercises to help get you back to a position where you can start running…

Having just typed that, not sure if we can message on here…but I am on Messenger and you can find me on FB

Thank you Ejc, but my surgeon did say I could, on soft surfaces, building up sensibly. So far I have tried no more than 20 paces slow jog. Remember the pain is bone hole cancer related not running related per see. But running does aggravate it.

Why not just post your exercises on here. After all they may benefit other lurkers in not dissimilar position, and could become a valuable thread, as a community resource?

I would value your expertise here, but so would others at some stage, so a public thread may be the best way forwards.

The words slow, jog and soft surfaces all highlight little or no knowledge of running…

The files are too big to load on here, and it is also how i make my living…

If you click on SS user icon you cam message