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How it started

How it’s going


That bottom one’s a bit like a spot-the-ball competition


More like spot the cat shit. I need the grass to grow so one of mine stops using it as his personal litter tray.


Our dog keeps having a shit in the bit Ive dug over waiting to turf. Not easy to spot.

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DIY – Part 1

I’d bought a portable air conditioning unit in 2020 when it was getting too hot to WFH in my loft.

By last Summer I was getting fed up of how hard it was to hold the extractor hose in place.
(As the various angles between the window and the end piece just didn’t line up.)

So, I decided to do something about it and ‘Plan A’ looked like this.

Plan B was an improvement and tackled sealing the top and bottom gaps as well.

Which gave me a rough cardboard template as a starter for ten.

Unfortunately, life and stuff got in the way and this was left until a few weeks ago.

When I converted the template made of bits taped together into single pieces.

Which were then transferred to an alloy sheet I had left over from my car build.
(This is industrial extractor fan material, think Bruce Willis crawling through in Die Hard films.)

After some cutting and hammering into shape, I had these.

The overlapping corners were clamped & rivetted together, before any rough edges were tidied up.

I filed down & sanded the metal edges before adding some tape to protect the window.

Which, of course, meant the gap I’d left for the hose was no longer quite big enough. :man_facepalming:

So, this was the first fitting.

Before I got a pair of pliers to bend the metal a little at the edges to improve the fit all round.

It is still not perfect by any means, but better than nothing.


DIY – Part 2

What was supposed to be a simple pruning task turned into a bit of a ‘mare.

In a game of garden shed dominos, one thing hit another and so on.

Before I knew it a pot of fence paint fell and exploded everywhere.

Everything in the photo below had to be pulled out and cleaned up.

By which point it was starting to spit rain and I was beginning to have a sense of humour failure.

Thankfully, there was just enough time to do the pruning job I was planning in the first place.

While the rain came down outside, I sewed a patch over the major hole in my working shorts.

That should hold at least until my current presentable shorts get relegated to my working pile.

DIY – Next Door

Regular readers might remember that my old neighbour’s ‘garden’ was a car park with weeds. :man_facepalming:

Then last Summer I provided a HUGE amount of free labour to help my two neighbours.

This was part of the full set of new fences I replaced on our side.

I then repaired the other neighbour’s side as best I could.

One year on & our new neighbour (who moved in before Christmas) has been very busy. :sunglasses:
(And the next door down has finally replaced their old fence panels too.)

So, our view should keep getting better from now on. :pray:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


Bought a cheapo new Samsung TV and hung it on the wall with a £17 Amazon bracket. Despite using expensive Fischer plugs I rate one of the two fixings only a 6/10. It seems to be holding and it didn’t fall off overnight. If it was an expensive TV I think I’d buy a far more robust wall mount. I hate mounting stuff on plasterboard. No chance to target a joist here either.

Oh and I had to ream some plastic out of one of the VESA holes in the back of the TV as it was preventing me from getting the bolt in. Drilling the back of your new TV is quite fraught.

(Carpet is knackered and is shortly getting replaced. Don’t judge me.)


Next doors garden has transformed! They still need some trees and 50% less pavers IMHO.


Well, the blueberry plants are in there somewhere but it was going to look a little bare so we threw a wildflower mix in there to give us some colour.


Didn’t know where to put this, but I’ve just become a mum for a few days…

He/she is pretty well developed in terms of fledging, so I’m hoping I can get it up to speed ready to release. Off to the pet shop at lunchtime (instead of running :roll_eyes:) now to get some food. Hoping it’ll be ready to go in a few days, fingers crossed!


I’ve just changed the syphon in the toilet cistern. I successfully undid four nuts, swopped in the new item and did up four nuts.

The weird bit is it took 2.5 hours.

But it’s done, I’ve been putting it off since last Thursday. Hurrah.


Outstanding. We had the same problem, the hose will stay in place but the windows gaps were a problem. I just stuff a big bath towel up top and a smaller one below in LO’s room, it works well but you have to keep an eye out for rain. :wink:

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The borders appear done, it’ll be a long wait to get it looking great unless they’re willing to buy some mature plants


@AndyG & @GeordieM - I did give my neighbour the details of where I bought these trees in 2020.

So, there is a chance that some taller stuff may arrive at some point.
(I imagine that planting trees in this heat is probably not a good idea.)

The scary thing is not how much paving remains, but the sheer volume of slabs removed! :astonished:


I think we have a bit of work to do on the new garden……:rofl:


Been doing some wallpapering today :eyes::crazy_face: