Dear all,

Just to let you know my wife Cheryl was kicked off her bike Sunday, and tragically passed away at the scene.

I’ve kind of kept this off social media while informing close friends and family, not wishing them to find out via that route.

She was not on Tritalk so this has been a bit of a safe haven from the reality but I am now informing wider social media.

She was a wonderful spirit and I’ll miss her dreadfully. I will still be around TT - please treat me ‘as normal’ on other threads as this will continue to be my safe bolt hole and part of rebuilding my life going forwards.

Thanks all,



Bloody hell Chris, that is terrible. Really sorry to hear this.

My condolences to you and the family.

no words

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Jesus christ, I have no words mate! :cry:

Please please let us know if we can help or support in any way. I cannot even imagine what you are going through but we are all here for you.

Deepest condolences to you and your family.

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Really don’t know what to say, but properly heartfelt warmth and condolences to you and your family Chris.


Dearest Chris, I’m sending you my condolences and thoughts. I’m lost for words… :heart:

Chris, that is awful, shocking news. I am so sorry for your loss.

Chris, really don’t know what to say :cry:
I can only offer my deepest condolences to you and your family.

It’s impossible for me to comprehend what you’re going through.

I can only offer my deepest condolences. But that feels somewhat inadequate. I’m so very sorry.

I’m so sorry, my condolences, and anything else you might need - just ask.

So sorry to hear this TRO. Deepest condolences to you.

Absolutely hearbreaking news, I’m so sorry to hear this :cry: my deepest condolences to you and your family

As above, absolutely heartbreaking for you Chris. I’m so sorry to read this.

So sorry to hear :cry:


Oh no, can’t begin to imagine how you must feel. Hope you have people around you Chris. That’s just so awful. So sorry for her and for your loss.

Shit Chris, that is such sad sad news.

Many condolences from me and Mrs FB.

Just remember the great times you had together and hold her in your heart



Gutted for you mate. Feel free to unload on us. We’re here for you.

Awful news to have to share. So sorry to hear about your loss.

Nothing I can write here will be adequate.

Extremely sorry for your loss.