Muddy trainers in winter

The Mrs has had enough of my muddy trainers by the front door - any ideas for a remedy?

move to Saudi Arabia.


Call yourself an influencer and run wherever you fancy that doesn’t have mud


Muddy trainers at the back door?

That’s where mine live :wink:


Don’t wash them frequently as it knackers them.
An occasional spin is all they need.

Clean them when the mud is wet. I wipe the worst off with some baby wipes, then a clean with a toothbrush and that usually does it.

I’ve put trainers in the washing machine loads of times with no issue but what will knacker them is drying them on a radiator.

Mostly though, I never care if my trainers are clean at this time of year. I mostly clean then to ensure the lugs/sole are clear of mud.

I find earplugs or loud music on your headphones drowns her out :grinning:


All my trainers go in a waterproof tub in the garden. It’s crap as they stay damp and wet though.

If it’s been super wet, I bring them in, put them on some cardboard by the back door to at least give them a chance to dry out first. Then I get told off a lot. Then I ignore it. Then they disappear to the tub. :joy:

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I make sure I have enough in rotation so they’re dry, both trail and road. I don’t think i could put on a wet pair first thing, uggh. We have 2 shoe racks, one for regular shoes and one for running/cycling and boots.

10 feet in my house and they all do muddy running.

There is no perfect solution although I reckon Jeff’s comes closest :joy: or you could take away her front door key and make her use the back…

We have 1 shoe rack in our front hall, when that gets full the shoes kind of spill over on either side.Then we have one shoe rack in the back porch, that’s where all the muddy stuff goes.

When that’s full we have another shoe rack hidden under a table in the conservatory for crocs and stuff. We also have a bookshelf on the upstairs landing that has a couple of shelves devoted to walking boots.

My 4%s live hidden away in a box in the wardrobe otherwise they are likely to get “borrowed”.


We have six running feet but only 4 regularly and two of those feet are teeny tiny (Mrs FP’s aren’t much larger :joy:). Like you, my Next% live upstairs in that natty white bag.

New shoes that are waiting to go into rotation live upstairs also (currently only the Peregrine 10s)

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Back door.

What was the question again?

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A new Mrs joex?
Leave them in the Kitchen or bedroom. She will then come to terms with having them by the front door is not so bad after all.


Went to Sports Direct and asked if I could get a pair of shoes for the wife-

The Assistant said I drive a hard bargain.




Ive never washed them. I’d have to knock the mud off first, but what do you do - put them in a pillow case, remove the laces? Synthetic wash cycle?

This is revolutionary thinking. Maybe if I put a bucket and brush by the front door I could clean them off easily.

Yeah I don’t know what she’s moaning about


Fell over twice just now. Think I can smell some dog stuff in the mix too.


When mine are really messy I sometimes hose them down when I get home, I think you can get portable ones now like dog cleaners, or something with a reasonable bit of power. Then leave them somewhere to dry, not easy on the step during winter so I often take them to work and put them in the server room!

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