My kingdom for a treadmill

Friends, triathletes, isolationmen, lend me your ears…I need a treadmill.

Any secret sources you want to share publicly here? :smiley:

So far there’s SportsDirect adding 20% to the normal cost of a Reebok GT30 for £479 on two weeks delivery, or John Lewis NordikTrack S20 for £799 :grimacing: on three weeks delivery.

Argos claim to have the GT30 in stock, but you can’t actually order it.

There are two other treadmills from brands I’ve never heard of available, but up to 1 month delivery; Body Power Sprint T500 £599, Xterra i-Power Plus £699.

I’ve quite liked treadmill running through winter, mostly intervals and tempo, but up to 3hrs running. I expect I’ll do the same next winter and I’m in isolation for two weeks as of yesterday, so it would be nice to have one now.

Tips welcome.

Getting in before the even madder rush if we all get properly locked down


Had the same conversation with my wife yesterday.

Laps of our garden are not appealing!

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I tried to buy a weight bench kit yesterday, nothing in stock anywhere.

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Slightly OT but I notice that Sigma have quite a few smart trainers in stock.

Joex, I assume you’ve looked at the renting option?

^^^^that’s a good call^^^^

Could you come to an arrangement with a closed gym?

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When I was considering renting one over winter for my Endure 24 training, for a decent one it was approx £60 p/m. Main reason I didn’t get it was because of the footprint needed in the garage. (bigger than you think!)

My local gym has done that, basically loaned out the kit until all of this is over


I haven’t, but partly cos I forgot, partly cos the warrantees on these things say you can’t keep it in a damp unheated garage… :joy:

I’ve been looking round for one, they’re like rocking horse poo unless you pay over the odds on eBay

How does one compare these treadmills? There are only random websites with reviews out there, all look like sales fronts to me.

Edit : both sports direct and John Lewis are out of stock now

In my experience, a lot of the cheaper home treadmills are simply not worth the money (crap experience, frequently break, etc). If you have the money, the gold standard are Technogym.


When i shut the office, i transported mine to my garage at the ‘other’ home…so i can’t access it now

it’s an assault fitness Air runner - very impressed with it thus far…

Ironically I’ve only used my treadmill once since the lockdown began! Loathed to use them; even with the wife away, I’ve just done a Bergen run while the kids scoot instead.

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Is there a cutoff point? £399 seems like a wedge for a treadmill to me but Technogym MyRun is over £3000.

Nice, I’m glad I got my runs in over the weekend, but that’s it for me for two weeks minimum. :frowning:

Got lucky on Facebook marketplace last night. First one to contact them, 30 minutes after he put it up. 2 year old Reebok zr9

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I’ve got a Reebok Z9R, and its been great… done well over a thousand miles on it now.

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Seems good so far. The kids are enjoying it anyway :slight_smile:

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In my opinion, you won’t get a huge return for that money. If it was down to me, I’d pick up a second hand concept 2 rower - those things are practically bomb proof.

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