New bike? (Procrastinating thread #3)

1, 2 or 3?

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With cycle scheme not really paying near those prices.

They are very different bikes. What’s the intended purpose?

  1. What do I win?
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I dunno, the emondas are basically all rounders. The propel more for sprinting it’s true. I ride outside so rarely outside of commuting I don’t know if it matters? 1,2,3 hours in the mountains of Kent.

For me, 1 has good wheels and shifting and looks best online. 2 also good wheels and looks, only standard shifting, 3 basic looking by comparison, alu and least good wheels but still as light as the SL6 and still has di2

No vote, no prize! :sweat_smile:

You have a TT bike for IM right? If that’s the case, I’d go with the more all rounder if you aren’t looking to cycle race.

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Black trek

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The red one, obvs


Yup 1 as it is red


Triban from Decathlon then :person_shrugging:t3:
Just Facebook marketplace it and buy another new one when it’s fooked.
Never replace a single part.

That’s a tonne of money on a bike you rarely ride outside.


The 3 Tribans from Decathlon we bought for the lads back in 2020 have been fantastic bikes. Really solid and robust. Disc brakes, tubeless ready, 700 quid. Maybe just a little heavy, but very rideable. For the dosh you are looking to spend you could get 3 or 4 of them and use them in rotation :smile:

That said, I like your option #1 best but with my sensible head on would probably buy #3


It’s okay, I’m going to procrastinate until neither are available and then post another thread in a few months.


I just want to point out that the post and the poll seem to be completely opposite. Cheers!

The poll is overwhelmingly in favour of the Propel. Not a single post recommends it :sweat_smile:



I’ve got a Propel, ain’t going to make you cool with the kids but a decent bike, fast, good spec and can be used with clip-ons in races.

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Trek, although I don’t mind the speed concept.


I didn’t vote :smile:

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while we are talking about Triban, I just fitted a Triban front wheel £50 and unbranded decathlon 28c tyre £20 to my Canyon commuter

the bike was supplied with Fulcrum wheel and Scwalbe tyre so it’s a downgrade. however I kept getting punctures so maybe not ideal for the commute here. the Triban wheel and tyre are heavier and feel like should be more solid…

weigh in: wife’s bontrager wheel, tyre, tube: 1100g
fulcrum wheel, schwalbe tyre, tube: 1240g
triban wheel, decathlon tyre, tube: 1560g

will prob pinch her wheel if I ever race it, but am off that at the mo :face_with_head_bandage:


That’s pretty expensive - I usually pay £100 for cheap OEM wheelsets, inc tyres. Where people have whipped them straight off a new bike to put some better hoops on.

Currently got some RS11s on my winter steed got £100 :white_check_mark::boom::boxing_glove:


yeah all this sort of stuff costs more here. Got to work with no puncture :crossed_fingers:


Just wait for survey 4.


I will go IMJ and not answer the question and suggest another alternative, however, if you can get a 2023 or 2024 Giant TCR that is what I would go with.

If you can, get a bike with 105 12 speed Di2