New member, hello and a few questions

:grinning: Hi, i’m Andy, new to the forum.
So a bit about me: i did a sprint tri at london 10 years ago and had a nigthmare, bloke in front of me in the swim had a full on panic attack, turned on his back and kicked me in the face repeatedly, i swam straight into it, nearly lost my eyesight in one eye, i finished the swim and after coming out of the water i couldn’t see, eye was completely closed over, spent four hours in moorfields.

i said never again.
So i started running 3 years ago and got into a few marathons, i enjoy it so i have 3 booked in over the next 7 weeks and am loving them, am hoping for 4hr ish time for all three. Berlin is up first, then dublin 4 weeks later.

So Triathlon caught my eye again, the fecker, i thought nah, not happening, then i started looking daily, then i found out my gym has a triathlon club… so i started going swimming 3 times a week( for the record getting swim stroke back to a reasonable level is hard going but i’m building slowly) before i speak with them. it’s helping my running fitness no end.

then today i got my bike in out of the shed, it’s not got a dot of rust on, but it’s old and a bit battered, and heavy. i just spent 2 hours stripping it off all it’s parts and i’m sitting here looking at carbon this and carbon that…:joy: i am thinking of rebuilding it from the frame up and buying all of the parts in and building a fastish road bike.

So anyway that’s me, my questions,

Should i get a coach?
should i stop looking at half iron distances as a first race back?
if you were re building a bike where would you start?


I wouldn’t bother with a coach yet. Do a few small events first and see if you enjoy it.

I would NOT recommend a half as your first event. I would strongly suggest a sprint or super sprint, or at most an Olympic event (1.5km swim), and ideally a season of doing 3 or 4 smaller events to get the feel for race day, transitions, etc.

Don’t spent money on the bike yet. Just get it out the door and ride it. Money comes later.


Cheers for replying,

I was thinking a half would be a bit of a big first race back, it’ll be early- middle of next year before the first one back, i have a fair few halfs and 10k’s booked in over the winter months and plan on getting a good six months worth of training in.

The bike is getting a new paint job next month so it’ll look a bit better and a bit of tlc.

cheers again!

You mention tri club at your local gym, they can supply plenty of coaching for your first year. You’ve got running covered, spend time on the bike and pool as well.

I would keep your current bike, but invest in a turbo trainer, basically you will be on a level playing field with people on £15,000 superbikes.

Next season start with a couple of sprint triathlons, there are a few around, like the Ringwood tri, which are a short pool swim with std distance bike and run. As the season progresses, try a few Std distance triathlons; there are some great coastal events. Rather than push too fast, spend time and fall in love with the sport. When you do fall in love with the sport, be prepared to spend a bit of cash

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No need for a coach and defo book a half for your return. I did a half as my first ever tri. Best thing I ever did.

I’m rebelling against the over complication of triathlon. You don’t need a coach, you don’t need a P5, you don’t a sweat test, you don’t need Nike 4%, you don’t need to worry about your q factor, FTP is useful not a magic bullet, you don’t need to go through a tube of high 5 zero a week, wind tunnels are for F1 cars, rip tides exist only in the psyche of IMJs, you don’t need to worry about nutrition, waxing vs oiling chains is the discussion of the devil.

Swim a bit, run a bit, bike a little bit more.

Peace and love.

Yes I have been drinking.


Be wary of any advice that doesn’t involve buying a new bike, that’s the Devil’s work. :wink:


Hi Andy, and welcome.

Your incident reminded me of something that happened at the weekend during a tri I was marshalling at. Some geezer, in the water pre start, completely oblivious to anyone around him, started to swing his arms like some kind of ape. Some lass, potentially not the most spatial aware was too close. Result, sadly her tri was over before it started due to being clobbered in the eye, ouch.

Coach = no
Half = you have the running background just do it
Bike = I am mechanically a complete and utter useless tool thus I would either buy a new bike, put up with what I have, or ask my local bike shop (and experts) to build me one… nice little hobby for them!

In terms of your marathons, good luck to you, I think TC (Toyota Crown) seems to get away with for example triple ironmans one weekend, then a really tough ironman the next weekend. For me personally at 55, it would destroy my temple. Just take it carefully and listen to your body and any niggle you may get vs the ego of doing all those events (and telling everyone that yu’re doing them!) so closely. Your temple may be perfectly suited to the battering it might get however.

Yo! Andy. Welcome. Where do you live? We might be able to suggest some good events.

Don’t worry about coaching, just SBR for now. I wish I could do more of the events down in Cornwall, which are non standard and tough. Everything around here seems to be standardised, and no beaches.

You’re not that far from Weymouth and West Bay

Do they have anything that’s not a standardised distance in Weymouth? Weymouth is really an overnighter from here, or stupid early start (assuming you can register on the morning!)

@gingerbongo is there anything around your way event wise these days?

that kind of talk gets people banned from here :wink:

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You’re not a brand ambassador for NormaTec compression sleeves then?


The only non std distance is Osprey Sprint, but the Middle and classic distance are both nice races, there are actually 2 std distance races each year. Have a look at Bustinskins web site

Events look reasonable, less than £100 for Middle Distance

West Bay is non std distance, 1500m swim 47bike and 8 run

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Worcester do a non-standard race in May, 1500m OW Swim, 60km Bike & 10km run. £40

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I actually entirely agree with this when you start with the sport. It’s exactly what I did.
I only decided to get a coach when I got fairly good, and had done numerous half ironmans prior to that point, and spent many years building up from sprint distance. All the other marginal gains stuff also only came much later.

A lot of us, and on ST, spend a lot of time discussing those things. But that’s largely because we’ve reached a point where those things have started to matter to us. However, it’s unrepresentative to say those things are important, or remotely required, when starting out. Tri is fun. Exploring your own physiology, and trying stuff out for yourself, is an enjoyable process. Initially, everyone should just swim-bike-run!


Ha, 60k for the MAMILs!

Just convenience, only 3 turns, fewer marshals. Nice honest undulating course.
In the blurb we call it the Sprint & the Double (no reference to Olympic distance) but every year we get a few who have the shock of their life when they realise it’s 50% further and lumpy.
We did a triple a couple of times with 4 laps of the run for a HIM but didn’t get enough entries to justify the extra hassle even though it was still £40.

Not really. Last week there was a new OW sprint in Exmouth which went down really well. Sea swim, lumpy bike course and seafront run. But standard distance. (a couple of friends and I seriously looked into organising pretty much the same event a few years ago, but we just didn’t have the time, at the time, so someone else stepped in. But it went really well - was on my anniversary though, so i couldn’t do it this year. Will be on my list as a return to tri next year though!!)

Same as Dawlish tri next weekend, another sprint. There’s a few pool based tri’s in and around Exeter earlier in the season, but again i think they are just normal sprints.

Finally i think there’s one around Dartmouth area … but again pretty standard sprint or oly distance.

It would be good to have one in the same vein as Perranporth down in Bantham or somewhere like that. gets some decent surf, nice and hilly bike and run options.

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We always went to Bantham as kids; access roads are bit of an issue there though aren’t they?

Yeah, but that’s the same with most of those beaches. Haven’t been to North Cornwall in a while, but memory tells me the roads to the beaches are pretty cack there as well?! Same as most in Pembs.