New tubs

They’ve arrived.
No time to tape them on or take the others off and remove all the accumulated glue and tape :crying_cat_face:

You bought the same ones?
Or Corsa g+?

Same as you.
Might get the G+ 2.0 for the road bike

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Nice buy those …

The P AND P was shocking …!?
They arrived quick though and went in the rim easily.

Will tape next few days

£6 is cheap for 24 hour delivery.
Works out £33 per tyre.

Although my old Vittoria Evo CX has a female valve extender and my other ones are in use, so need to buy some proper removable core extenders tomorrow.

Not sure Rapha do them :face_with_hand_over_mouth::roll_eyes:

They came the next day and I paid the minimum…!?
The actual packing was awful …!!

Need valve extenders with ptf tape and sealant but should go well …!?

My packaging was fine.

And sealant?!?
Ooh, you heathen :wink:

The nice orange one that doesn’t clog your valves…!?

Not sure it does Sweet FA but it’s nice for piece of mind.

Got my eye on some super duper tub wheels…!?

Tempted …!?

The one I mounted last night is leaking air :sob::triumph:

I used PTFE tape on the valve extender and core, too.

Had it at 170psi last night, it felt softer this morning, but not too bad, it’s about 40psi now.

NOT a happy bunny.

It’ll be in the back of my mind if I don’t fix it…I hate remounting tubs

Send it back…!?

We’re is the air coming from?

Butyl inner shouldn’t leak that much… should it?!?

I’m really busy with work so won’t do mine till next week.

I don’t know where the air is coming from?
I’ll have to take it off, pump it up to a certain psi unmounted and see if any escapes that way.

I’m hoping it is escaping through the extenders.

When I ordered one today for the front, I ordered a 100mm one for the rear and various others as spares.

Mine are on exsisting wheelsets I’ll get some more…!?

I’m doing more home mechanics recently, all good so far, but I might get Paul Hewitt to fit them…

Bit of a masterclass… his thumbs are the stuff of legend…

Tubs always leak although yours seem to leak too fast

Mine seem fine…!
10 psi a day …!?
So they say … I think poet has a particularly Leakey one…!?

My Tubs used to leak about 20psi per day. Would always inflate in morning before race, and add an extra 10psi


From the Vittoria spiel:

“ This tyre comes with a butyl inner tyre, which maintains air retention”

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It doesn’t sound right.

Pump it up and stick it in the sink

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Oh there butyl not latex…!?

Being honest I missed that bit…?!

Better protection I guess …?!

It’s deffo leaking air :pouting_cat:
I’ve now mounted the other one.

Both were at 140psi at 1630, the front one is still rock hard and the rear one is soft.

Guess it’s a return, but I’ve mounted it now :crossed_fingers:t3:

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I had a crazy busy weekend so whimper our and took them to the shop…

Paul was amazed at the price… often they sell us stuff that he pays more for at retail…!?

Heart goes out to small shops these days…

Told him the saga … leaking etc.

Hopefully they will go on with no issues…!?