Nina Kraft dead

Reading between the lines it sounds like suicide?

it appears that way

She had been a great athlete…her positive test cast a shadow on all she had done before. i am saddened by her sad loss…

a great athlete tarnished by stupidity. she could have been ranked as one of the best if she’d stayed off the EPO

sad story, a great athlete, an error of judgement and by the sounds of it never got over the shame of cheating.


Very very sad… sometimes we really can want something too much.

I sat round a table yesterday me and three guys who openly use steroids.

One once in a blue moon the other two are hardcore weightlifters and nearly double my body weight … “ can you get me some EPO?” I said…

Yeah sure came the reply…

Apparently it’s quite expensive, but has to be cheaper than all the carbon, pt, coaches trainers, bikes etc etc etc and devices we all have that dont really do anything.

For the record … I never replied to the yeah sure… cheating cheating at any level.

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just go on some of the bodybuilding forums - it’s quite amazing how some openly talk about the drugs they’re taking, a number of which are not even being tested for yet, and some are big pharma drugs that have been dropped from clinical trials as they have too many side effects, yet available on the black market. these idiots will take anything if it can give them an edge.


:exploding_head: I wonder how they’re getting these? Did the pharma companies make loads for testing, have them left kicking around and now they’re being stolen and moved into the black market, or is there some kind of black market labs that are making these? Madness either way.

black market labs

It’s like BALCO, very clever people making drugs that aren’t tested for as the authorities don’t know they exist.

You’d be right about one of them… nice kid… but if he could gain aload of free muscle but with a 30% chance of serious side effects her still take it…

All his mates are doing gear… which is sad but true.

The other is very very intelligent, his iq for someone in my job is off the charts, he’s wasted in a prison, but he’s 21 stone and handy in a tear up so we’re glad he’s staying for the min.

Despite being well read, and surprisingly knowledgable about most sports including tri, he was genuinely surprised that my peers would frown on drug use.

I’m sure stenard and poet and the other in shape 30-40 year olds would be delighted if I sauntered past them at the end of a race after openly admitting using peds…!

He seemed to think that would be great … I could pass on my knowledge and peds to them and we could all go faster… defiantly a cultural issue.

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I was into Bodybuilding many years ago (90’s) and it’s incredibly open to drug use. At pretty much any gym, you just had to ask who to speak to and they’d get anything you wanted. One gym I went to was a unit on a trading estate and a guy used to pull up outside and hold, what could only be described as, a “steroid car boot sale”
I never took anything, but did seriously consider it at one time when you get frustrated that you’re working as hard as everyone else but making so much less progress. I knew plenty that did including police officers.

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Are steroids themselves illegal then, or does that depend on the type? I have zero knowledge on this type of stuff!

I believe they were class 1 drugs at the time so illegal, that may have changed since.

They’re Class C, so it’s legal to bring personal use from a country where you can buy them. Any distribution is illegal, as is bringing them in for someone else etc.

Remember listening to a podcast with Dave Crossland who’s quite open about the steroid use and his input was it’s not so much you can’t take the steroids safely but the drugs you should take alongside to prevent side effects such as higher cholesterol. However, the supplemental drugs arnt cheap so people just skip them and then steroids get a reputation for being unsafe.

Personally I don’t like the body builder look at all and don’t see the appeal unless you’re really insecure in and want to look massive because you feel you have to be intimidating to other people for your own satisfaction. Conversely, if it’s about performance then you havn’t really achieved it if you needed artificial enhancement to get there anymore than if I needed EPO to achieve a Running performance that I couldn’t get without. The difficulty becomes where do you draw the line on whats acceptable. Nutrition, caffeine etc are all performance enhancers and enablers but I guess it’s easy to see why someone might think ‘it’s just another supplement. I don’t know any technical definition by which something is either legal or an illegal PED


It’s not illegal to take steroids they are covered by the medicines act not the misuse of drug act 1971.

It is illegal to sell or give them away … they are basically treated like a class c drug… ish

Only ever met one fella in prison for selling them… he had a transit van full and was skinny AF


Regular gym goers do it to get results easier, it’s not considered an extreme thing to do.

They are in the misuse of drugs act -
as Class C, but still legal to use.