Non-watch swim devices

Hey all.

Looking for alternatives to watches for swim recording.

Chest straps? Goggles? Blippy things under the swim cap?

Form goggles?

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Yep Form goggles for me also absolutly amazing. I only use them in the pool as i need my perscription ones for OW.

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£249 for form and doesn’t sync with Garmin Connect. It’s an option. :+1:

I’ve put the watch case in my cap and manually added the distance at the end of a session. Obvs lose all detail, but I’m not sure any numbers beyond distance and heart rate is useful.

@joex – I remember seeing your previous post and took some photos for you.

No HR data, but this is my low tech solution, Argos watch & Suba diving pad from Ebay.

Ignore the terrible writing & shorthand, but I know my last morning’s swim added up to 3,000m.

Note - My eyesight is so bad I can’t see the clock, so use the watch for all going times. :roll_eyes:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile: