Non-watch swim devices

Hey all.

Looking for alternatives to watches for swim recording.

Chest straps? Goggles? Blippy things under the swim cap?

Form goggles?

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Yep Form goggles for me also absolutly amazing. I only use them in the pool as i need my perscription ones for OW.

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£249 for form and doesn’t sync with Garmin Connect. It’s an option. :+1:

I’ve put the watch case in my cap and manually added the distance at the end of a session. Obvs lose all detail, but I’m not sure any numbers beyond distance and heart rate is useful.

@joex – I remember seeing your previous post and took some photos for you.

No HR data, but this is my low tech solution, Argos watch & Suba diving pad from Ebay.

Ignore the terrible writing & shorthand, but I know my last morning’s swim added up to 3,000m.

Note - My eyesight is so bad I can’t see the clock, so use the watch for all going times. :roll_eyes:

Cheers, Paul. :slight_smile:


You got some right @joex?
What’s the general feedback? I think you’ve put some comments in the general swimming thread over time, but hard to pick those out!

I have used a pair for one swim out in Aus when visiting a mate, but the workout features etc are all new since then. I probably need a new pair of goggles soon and with these on offer (I think the same £179 you got the for earlier in the year?), the net premium I’m paying seems “less”. The other thread commenting that fogging up can be resolved a good 18 months on has given me some reassurance on longevity

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Great, really. If you are a solo swimmer it’s a no brainer really. As a club swimmer they’re more of a novelty, but they do help with pacing. Racing, I’ve only done two tri race swims with them and they underestimated pace significantly so I’m really not sure I’d use them in an Ironman unless I knew they were consistently off pace such that you could add/subtract in your head.

Purely as goggles they’re not up to much, but it’s all about the HUD which actually makes fogging up a bit irrelevant.

Unlike me but I haven’t analysed the stats much, just enough to know that it’s there if I need it, and to direct your self coaching improvements.

The technique “Headcoach” is interesting and works.

Training plans, good - great having them in goggles, really great. Good variety of strokes and drills, biased toward FS. Most of the workouts are well put together, but I have seen the odd, rare clanger when it prescribes multiple max effort s with minimal rest. So, very good but not perfect imo.

Are they as good as a coach? No.
Are they as good as a masters swim? Yes.
Are they better than crafting your own solo swim sessions? A thousand times, yes!
Are they better than Garmin watch swim? Yes.

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Thanks for the feedback. My pair arrived today


you bought 2? :open_mouth:


Of course. I have 2 eyes don’t I


I found the first swim pretty disorienting, maybe three or four swims later to settle into the new experience

Annoying. New form goggles announced. 3 months after I got mine. Originals now £20 cheaper than I paid in the new year “sale”, and the new version includes OHR which I decided to buy as an extra. Definitely would have been significantly cheaper to have waited. Sleeker form factor too as a benefit

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Will they backport the OW compass stuff - that looks smart.
Id have zero change the goggles wouldnt leak; so cant even contemplate getting any. Plus I’ve not swam since September :joy:

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Which September?


Yes, I’ve already had the firmware update notification announcing those features. Spotted that before the DCR article about the new v2 goggles

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