Training - What Training?!

Very nice !

Hot too, good splits

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Not over here it wasn’t, had gloves on for the first 50K :roll_eyes: it did improve later in the day but only about 15-16c


Scorchio all day here.

No gloves required.

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Luckily Chris is bringing the sun and warmth home with him for a while :grin:


96 mile ride*, straight into an easy 3km jog

*The ride was in a car :joy::person_shrugging:t3:


2066m swimming, mostly IM. So bloody hard.

Recorded with my broken Fenix in my cap, and a F45+ on the wrist.

Had to manually input the distance into the Fenix.


can’t have been easy, running with a middle aged female athlete on your wrist :see_no_evil:


That conjures a disturbing picture


Did Zwift TT race last night. Only managed 5th out of 6 - trying to select a TT bike last minute on my phone is really hard to do - scrolling in Zwift on mobile is crap.

Anyway, smashed myself hard and rewarded with another FTP increase up to 311W. Now just need to either drop 1kg or go up by another 3W and I will reach 4W/kg. This is now an increase of over 80W in just under a month! Didn’t sleep very well after though as legs were restless.

Easy ride this morning - 1hour, 189W, 96bpm

And happy that my wife got home from sea a few days early, plus I had my new car delivered as well. Yesterday was a pretty good day.


That’s insane improvement Hillwall! Can I have some Watts please?

Another early one for me. Struggled to get out of bed, but forced myself up and out for a run.

Massively feeling the fatigue today. Legs were knackered. So naturally I chose to go run the coast path! :joy: In a way it was better as I paid no attention to the watch and just ran the terrain.

17kms with 367m vert in 1.29.

I’ve no idea how you guys put together 12+ hr weeks in, one after the other. I’ve just done 8hrs 20 in 4 days and I’m battered. That’s only 15 mins less than all of last week which was my biggest week in a year (not including the week I ran a random 50km race in Nov).

Need a good few weeks to be able properly cope with that load I’d say. But it’s in the bank now.

Off camping straight after school/work today. So, at best, the only thing I’ll manage is a bit of a sea swim. Oh and plenty of beer and burnt meat.


That’s going some on the coast path. I don’t think the distance/vert conveys how tough most of that path is. I reckon everyone thinks ‘oh it’s Devon and Cornwall, by the sea and quite lovely’ :smile: FMD it’s hard work.

Having said that, I made the same mistake about Dartmoor in a Day :rofl: (will be lining up for that again this year)


I’ve got to ask? Pirate captain? Rigger? Chef? :grinning:


Please be pirate captain. Please be pirate captain.



Is her name Ariel? :grin:

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could be mermaid


“I’m just the cook” :grin:


She’s an oceanographer. Takes samples from the sea bed and works out how much we’ve destroyed the environment.


Ah interesting. I’ve had a few female friends who used to go to sea, but they were either on drilling rigs as directional drillers and mud loggers, or on seismic vessels. So all helping harm the sea…

Is it “lots”?

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When she watches films like ‘The Abyss’ does she sigh a lot? :smile:

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