I see that Louise Minchin, the breakfast news anchor is on the start list. This is definitely on my bucket list to do in the future.

Will be interesting to see how Lucy Gossage goes, sure she’ll be in contention.

Mark Threlfall from GTN was first out of the water. It was a balmy 15/17 this year though :wink:

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As I’ve mentioned elsewhere to @bluepoolshark
@fatbuddha is doubtful she will finish.

She has mentioned it on the news a few times and it’s been in articles on the website (casual name dropping when there’s a sniff of Triathlon)

Not sure what people’s beers are with Louise Minchin? She trains pretty hard by all accounts and certainly isn’t a Gordon Ramsay type who just pops up for the attention.

Just coz she is on tv she is still allowed to do triathlons. If everyone on here was on tv they would talk about it too. We spend enough time on here telling strangers pointless information!


I think that’s my point. I know she’s done some age grouper stuff, but it’s not like she’s got a free pass to Kona. She’s picking a pretty knarly event to do as her first long course event. Best of luck to her; I’m jealous.

To my knowledge this isn’t her first long course event. I believe she did Patagonia Man in December too (as to Lucy Gossage).

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I don’t have a beef with her if that’s what’s implied. I know her well as our paths have crossed many times at events when she has been on TV duties and I’ve been on TO ones - last time I spoke to her was at the Multisport World Champs in Pontevedra where she was competing and she said there that she doubted she’d finish Norseman but was going to give it a good go - at that stage she was carrying a running injury and was doing the aquabike event which may have biased her comment. so my comment saying “doubtful she will finish” is based on that, not that I think she’s a crap triathlete getting airtime due to her TV. she’s actually not a bad triathlete and has raced GB age group a few times so is able but as we all know stepping up from sprint/standard to IM distance is tough - with the added toughness of Norseman, but she did Patagoniaman last year so has some steel


correct - and loved it

Well she’s not messing around with her choice of long course triathlons!

Minchin is off the bike and on to the run (in just under 10hrs, 8:45 bike), so won’t be the summit finish. But she has a good chance of making the cut and getting a white t-shirt.

Gossage is leading the women’s pro race by ~20mins at 20miles, 21st overall.

Winner finished in just under 10, leading bikes are around 5:15 and run around 3:50! Run looks to be comparatively the hardest part?


i can’t comprehend how anyone does that in under 10 hours!
Go Lucy and Louise

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Gossage took the win in 11:27
Minchin home in 16:46…respect! :ok_hand:


Summit finish for Minchin?

Nope white t-shirt, think she was around ~220ish at the cut off…only first 160 (or 14.5hrs at 20miles) get to go to the summit

How is that viewed; I mean are you (really) a Norseman if you don’t make the summit finish?


I only went there with one aim and that was a summit finish and would have been very disappointed if I hadn’t got one but it’s still a mighty impressive result to get a white t-shirt!

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Like most, I love the idea of this event, but the cost/logistics and lottery entry mean I’ve never seriously considered it.

It was on the breakfast news before 7am today

BBC article on the race:

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon: The race for people with ‘minds tougher than their bodies’ -

I read that as “woefully under prepared amateurs”
My body is way tougher than my mind.
The closer to finishing I get, the more I think about;

The drive home
Walking the dog
Work the next day

And the less I’m inclined to push etc.
So this ain’t the race for me :+1:t3: