A friend of mine is Louise Minchin’s coach - I gave her my detailed Norseman notes, no doubt that got her to the finish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I think a white t-shirt is more accepted these days as it’s based on place in the field as much as time - I know a fair few people with white shirts and most of them were stepping up a lot in terms of the level of challenge. It’s a tough event.

My 2 black t-shirts are my best memories of tri, along with O-till-O :slight_smile:


Care to share your detailed notes? Might be useful to someone here in future :grinning:

Happily … can I attach a word doc? Or if someone can enlighten me on how to link if not :slight_smile:

Just came across the link. Have to say, Norway does look pretty spectacular.

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OK … to do that I guess I need to upload the document somewhere???
Don’t normally do this sort of thing

Dropbox have free accounts, or public on Google Drive?

OK, hopefully this works.
The original doc was written by Nick Rose and Andy Bass - I’ve added a summary page and comments in blue :slight_smile:


This is something I wish I’d had - details of the 3 climbs after Geilo


Good notes those are, I very vividly remember trying the salty licorice at the aid station, and instantly throwing it back up at the side of the road! :face_vomiting::smiley:

That last climb almost broke me, could have quite easily thrown my bike into the verge, layed down and died!

In 2008 I got down to 3mph at one point
I wasn’t at my best that year :roll_eyes:

But, as Chopsy reminded me yesterday, I did overtake him! :grinning:


How much do those that have done this estimate it cost them to do?

Sorry Bob no idea, I drove to Newcastle, ferry across to Norway then drove to Eidfjord. I don’t think that ferry route is in existence now. Stayed in the local school which was FOC. Kipped in car and drive back so to be fair I did it very cheap. Now that you have to have a support crew it becomes a bit more expensive

In total this cost me about £1200 - but was 10 years ago. I went with a small company (JSNT - but I don’t think they do Norseman trips anymore - I think cost for entry + support was £1000 and this was cheap even then) and they collected my bike the week before and drove it over. They sorted the accommodation and all the support. The only addition I had to pay was my RyanAir flights to Oslo and some incidental food/beer. We were there for 4 days and they dropped the bike back at my house the following week.

My race report from 2009. Reading it back it sounds hard but I don’t think I really tried that hard as I remember stopping a few times on the bike for a break as well as phoning my Mum during the bike and having a chat about what a stunning place it was and how amazing the event was.


Agree on costs with hillwall. I went with Endurancelife, think the cost was about £1200 minus flights & beer. So, maybe £1500 in total. Would have been more expensive to fly over dedicated support.
Stayed in the wooden chalets outside Eidfjord which are cheap and cheerful but you don’t need anything better when you’re up at 2am.

The whole support thing just makes it a ballache for foreign entrants now, if you ask me.

I have a friend who’s been jumping in the ballot for the last few years. He’s promised to pay for me and another mate to crew him for his once in a lifetime, bucket list, selfish trip thing so has been stashing the £ ready for it to come through one day.

I have no issues with this plan whatsoever!! :grinning: