Official ITU thread - Spoilers


The women’s race was brilliant. Taylor-Brown deserved that, great run and didn’t look in doubt from early on. Zafires looked a mess but really fought to hold onto second. Was she sick? don’t see her struggle like that very often. 5 brits in top ten, if we are getting a medal in Tokyo its from the Ladies!

Mens I’m not sure we have a serious medal threat at the moment. Alex needs to work on his open water skills and tactics perhaps (his pool pace is good enough last time I see him swim) No one is going to let him back into a front pack being over a minute down out of T1 and even with his run there’s very little chance of closing that kind of gap.

The women’s race was excellent and pleased with GTB’s win. Nice to see Jess hold on to 3rd as I often swim with her dad on Fridays.

The men’s field seems in a bit of flux with regards to dominance. Some regular consistent performers but everyone can have a good/bad race. AB and JB could probably do worse than properly work with a coach. Jamie Truner is available :japanese_ogre:

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He just has to be able to swim with Mola, then if the race comes together he has a shout. But will anyone in the 2nd pack work if Yee and Mola are in it? Murray, Blumenfelt, possibly Birtwhistle would be doing their dirty work.

Well…do they not read the rules?

If the three you mentioned didn’t do any work to pull it back though, then they’d be riding themselves out of the race entirely

Anyone but the Brit’s. Strange mentality but I’ve seen it a lot with Alex during the last few years that the second pack refuse to work because he will outrun them. Maybe if he is in a bunch with names like that they may do some work but why bother when someone else will try to do it.