Open water swim season starting

I’ve got some neoprene socks by blueseventy but they’re too short and flood with water and generally feel like water is sloshing (despite fitting well) I’d recommend longer socks that tuck under wettie and have a ankle strap, like these: Neoprene Socks – ZONE3 UK

Not tried them but they’re on my shopping list.


@Bob recommended these Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Socks – ZONE3 UK which are 3.5mm thick. I just asked my sister who goes through the winter as well, and she recommended these LEGEND 4MM THERMAL SOCKS – C-Skins

I am foolishly planning to go for a river dip today and I have no socks or gloves. It’s doubtful whether I will even get have way in. Swimming pool is close by, so my plan is dip and then jog to the pool and warm up!


I’m fancying a dip in the new wettie. Sun’s out too. But there was a frost overnight and I reckon the Dee will be 8-10°C and I can’t face it!!!


I’m sounding like a Zone3 shill here but they have BOGOF on their boots and gloves in case you need both… I reckon it’s a good deal.

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Thanks, I think I’ll go for it. I went for a dip, sub 10 but warmer than the air temp so it was OK!



Is that @joex?


I saw a guy get in the pool today in baggy shorts, some kind of wire looped at the back of his head attached to wide vision goggles…and gloves.

Yet some how form goggles is judged weird.

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Sounds like a triathlete! Baggy shorts good for drag.

When I used to swim when I was younger the fashion was to wear 2 different pairs of trunks. No idea why but I followed. I’ve worn drag shorts in recent years.

I bet the form goggles are decent, but my generic goggles always wear out within a year. A twist on the Swedish style might last longer?


As a 55+ dad, I swim in baggies because it should be illegal for anyone to have to be exposed to the sight of me in Speedos.


Underrated comment :rofl:

Arena do a twist on Swedish goggles, Swedix iirc, they have rubber seals and are quite comfortable. Not a cheap as the OG but cheaper than most goggles

I swim in the most obnoxious jammers I can find. It helps clear the lane of the head up breast stroke and blue rinse brigade.

Not me but I like these…

But are you even a triathlete if you’re not wearing a neoprene nappy to hide your shit two beat “kick”?


What’s the view on dryrobes for winter swimming? Look like a fashion victim but stay warm?

Charlie McCloud, Ddip, Gorilla are all mentioned a lot in OW Swimming circles, alongside smoc smoc or Passenger which is “recycled”. “Dryrobe” is a bit of a fashion statement these days people go to shops in them :rofl:. I think what I’m saying is there are equally good cheaper but less cool outside swimming circles versions.


Another couple to the list…

I’ve got a Lomu offering that I’m happy with & my mate is chuffed with his dhb Hydron.


Yeah agree with the above. For actual winter swimming it’s a great innovation imo. But there are plenty of options outside of dryrobe.

The Mrs has a Passenger one. Her only criticism is it doesn’t wick the water away so well. So she does a really quick towel rub first then chucks the robe on top.


I’ve got one- not a massive fan tbh. Feels VERY heavy, I don’t find it particularly warm either nor does it do the drying part well. Certainly would look elsewhere if I got another.

The 3/4 sleeves annoy me too.


Dryrobe is by far the most popular version around here and they certainly do the job well. No one, even in summer, looks across at their huddled, shivering swim buddies and accuse them of wearing it just for fashion :smiley:


Thanks guys. I said dryrobe in the same way I say hoover. Next I’ll be saying nike instead of running shoes.

I found an Osprey after posting so I’ve gone with it Hooded Changing Robe | Wetsuit Accessories | Osprey Action Sports UK