Outlaw 2019

Anyone else here doing the Outlaw this year?

Outlaw is so year before last :upside_down_face:

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I love retro :star_struck:

I would have said so-2012, but I finally got around to doing it 2 years ago! A bike course that could be fast, if it weren’t for all the really slow turns in the lanes and the sh!t road surfaces.

Don’t get me started on the 4 laps of the lake :laughing:

Were You not “lapping up the support” on each lap of the lake?

I was planning on doing IM France but by the time I got propper buy in from my wife it was about 600 euros with the Active fee and at the time could do without the extra expense. In fairness the support is good around the lake but that last time it does seem like the lake is a lot longer.

Not this year, but I’d do it again. Thought it was a really well organised event and pretty good value imo. Didn’t mind the lake laps; I quite liked that you could see how far you needed to go to get round. I didn’t like the steps on the bridge over the Trent River. At that stage, trying to get my legs to do anything other then shuffle wasn’t really helpful. :neutral_face:

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Eh? What steps??? Has the run course changed?

No idea if it’s changed from your day old timer. :wink: but pretty sure there were some steps to get up and over the bridge​:thinking:.

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I thought it was a ramped bridge.

Either way, 4x around the rowing lake :-1:

2010 was when the action was hot. It was a much different bike course than it is now. Lake still sucked donkey’s balls though!

Ah, my mistake. Felt like steps though. :slightly_frowning_face:

At least steps would add some sensory factor into the run, unlike the deprivation of the…

Yep I’m for this year. Second time racing it. Had tub issues 5 km into the bike last time. Hopefully none of that business this time round. Already dreading the friggin lake laps.


First of all, hello everyone.

I “raced” outlaw in 2017. I found the bike course a bit frustrating, and particularly hated the last few miles on terrible roads. I punctured there and lost 15 minutes.

However, I really enjoyed the run course and the support. Good party atmosphere. Also a lovely surprise to have my kids run down the finish chute with me. Got a wonderful photo from that moment.


This weekend is free for me, might come over to support.
I’d like to remind myself what it’s like!

Bump. Only four weeks until this now.
Just had a look at some numbers…

2010 - 714 finished
2011 - 490 finished
2012 - 840 finished
2018 - 847 finished

For 2019, they’re claiming 1,600 athletes :interrobang:
Surely that includes a relay team as 3 athletesâť“
I can’t see how an extra 700 bikes would fit in front of the boat sheds…

…also, there is little to no shade on the run.
And that lake :scream::laughing:

Do they still do the race briefing in that oversized sauna? :laughing:

Seemed to be a lot there in 2017, no idea how many finished.

1018 finishers (including relays, as all above do)