Outlaw 2019

Did they increase the numbers due to it being the tenth anniversary?

There’s always around 200 relay teams, so that’s 600 athletes.
Then 1,000 individual = 1,600 athletes for 1,200 registered slots.

15% DNF/DNS rate = 1,020 finishing times

Seems about right?

If you know anyone that can get me a place…

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Yeah fair one, that does look about right.

Woah woah woah :raised_hand:t5::no_entry:

When did the swim turn into a two lapper?
With what appears to be an Aussie exit?

The 1.9km out and back was SUPERB.
No swim biff or congestion at all.

The bike course has also changed since 2012!
You used to do a larger version of the northern loop, then two laps of the south loop.

(Since 2012)
You now run past City Hall at 9.4km and up to Victoria Embankment and over the really narrow (but pretty) bridge (the same one the ITU relays used)
To do a lap out on the embankment at the other side of the river.
This means that future Outlaws only complete 2.75 laps of the lake and not the 3.75 previous ones were subjected to.


Swim was changed last year due to wind making conditions tough at fair side and they’ve kept it. Must make it a lot easier to maintain kayak support if nothing else.

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@Chriswim - cheers :trident:
(Trying to add you on Strava But it keeps reverting back to “request pending”? I’m not blocking you!!!)



Maybe it was too windy around the lake for the runners :upside_down_face:

Either way, not doing it again as it’s very uninspiring. But I have to say, the race merchandise is top quality though compared to IM.

What’s the difference between that lake, compared to the canals at some of the Euro events?

Honestly…is it the support?
The fact you can see just how damn far 5km actually is?

As someone who has done Roth and most of the decent Euro events, you’re in a great place to comment.

Right, well where do I start…

  • Euro races are not in the UK where I live, so by definition they are more ‘interesting/exotic’. (although I lived 90 min from Roth when I did it).
  • Support is generally way better out on the course (I’ve not done Tenby), the whole course. All the villages are out having a great time.
  • Road surfaces are immeasurably better in German speaking nations; more speed, less fatigue (you paid a lot to be here right?)
  • Euro races are way more diverse/cosmopolitan; again to me that makes them more interesting. Call it ‘bib spotting’ on the bike for example.
  • The Solarerberg in Roth. Literally, it’s like THE FCUKING TdF!!! Mental. I had tears in my eyes approaching it first time.
  • Many Euro races are more like carnivals; I believe Tenby might be like this?
  • I did the original Roth run course - that was nearly ALL along the canal! Sounds boring doesn’t it, but it wasn’t. Plenty of support, plus you were actually going from A to B, not around in circles.
  • Many events’ runs take you around all the sights in a big city, so it’s never boring. Harbours, old quarters, market places, parks; a real mix. Because of this, there’s always support and something to take your mind off your legs.
  • Again… these events are abroad and therefore more appealing to me as ‘destination events’.

I have a couple of domestic/timing reasons why I’ve not done Tenby; but maybe one day.



You’ve mentioned the reasons for Tenby before and I tend to agree with them, it’s the same for BCN, too :disappointed_relieved:

You’re not wrong about the road surfaces. In the Southern loop, which I will be doing twice in a couple of weeks :unamused:, I was going slower than I thought I should be for the effort. Just on RPE as I my powertap is no longer safe and I left my HRM somehwere I couldn’t find. Then hit a patch of newly laid tarmac and :motorcycle: doing 3-4 kmh faster, well for 50m anyway.

I’m doing the Outlaw because I wanted to do an IM France but by the time my wife actually thought about it and bought into it the price was way more than I wanted to pay. IM UK, Bolton, nah. Wales is after the summer holidays and that disrupts training way too much. Outlaw then became the obvious choice, OSB do organise very well IME. Plan is to do either France or Vitoria-Gastiez in 2021 when I age up, probably do sprints and sportives/audaxes next year. France is much easier logistically and for training on the course earlier in the year but I do like the look of Vitoria-Gastiez too.

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Shit! Hadn’t realised they had made all those changes.

Real bummer on the two lap swim, not going to miss those laps of the lake though!

“It’s all in the race pack” :wink:

I prefer the way you do south, north, then south again on the bike. But that last lap is going to be lonely.

Run course looks much better - someone mentioned a bridge earlier, so looks like that has been in for a while. That’s going to kill the quads going up that

Run changes eh? I wonder if they’ve been reading this forum :grin:

I liked Outlaw South North South bike course. Couldn’t complain that the second S loop was too lonely, still saw some people even if bit quieter. My only contention was the open dual carriageway joining the loops - cyclists getting stuck behind cars trying to overtake and creating packs.
Always hear the road surfaces being slated, but course was a lot better than what I was training on around Leicester.

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Numbers have been posted

See Matt Bottrill is on the start list part of a relay!

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He’s doing the swim I take it…?!


“This list features triathletes who entered before the 19th of July.”

And 514 is left blank for me :wink:

252-266 are also “free”
(Between the older ladies and young boys)


Let’s hope so :wink:

Will be interesting to see what sort of time he can produce