Outlaw 2021

So, who is racing the Outlaw full this year, in a couple or so weeks time?

I’m now confirmed as a volunteer on one of the bike feed stations, so want race numbers to ensure I offer verbal ‘support’ to you…… :wink:

Will also make it to the finish line after, so bar the faster few (who may be done before bike cut off at the feed station and pack down), will be there to offer additional ‘encouragement’ too……

Will be camping Fri through to Mon, if you’re about, prob at the field closest to the race (you’ll spot me, in a tiny tent, as i’m going to bike pack there and back)


I am emailing them as we speak :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Three week repeat leading up to Bolton has just been copied into TrainingPeaks.


I’m there, and I’ve booked the hotter than the surface of the sun version as Kona prep so bring sunscreen.

Not sure if numbers are out yet, will shout as and when.

Thanks (in advance) for the support.


Good luck with that, you deserve some after yesterday!

Good luck* with getting in @Poet

*unless you’re in my AG, you’ll be somewhat fired up….:wink:

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Was that Tub you got off me a casualty yesterday?

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Looking at the long range forecast, you might be in luck….due it after the last (partial) edition in 2019, where I nearly drowned in the puddles on the run……

@Poet I’m available as your support vehicle! I’ll follow you round!

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Yeah - it’s actually worn through now.
Can see the casing underneath the tread, which is why it punctured to be unfixable :sob:

It’s easily done 400km on the roads as a spare now :scream:

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That’s why they’re called (Tuf)o :sweat_smile:

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i’m going to have another go at Outlaw in 2023, so expect a dry year this year and next, and for it to lash done the year after…. already committed in 2022, and have done 2 IMs a year a few times now and am getting too old for that nonsense… only outside variation is that Mrs MC has finally got in the system for surgery on a long term achilles issue, and has been promised she’ll be able to run again after… and she has a score to settle with Outlaw, so we might be there for a warm up relay in 2022 if the NHS get their system moving!


@mw22 don’t forget these……


Tubulars for me :see_no_evil:

We’ll go with this set up; hopefully I can keep up with you then :grin:


I’m in. Last long one for me, so plan to enjoy and complete. I’ll be hanging around at the back @magnacarter. Best shouty voice and encouragement needed please. Think numbers are coming out at the weekend.


I just have visions of those bikes flying off the back under acceleration!

He’s still wearing nappies compared to us :roll_eyes:

I was in for last year but got part refund when the season went pear shaped I was banking on Roth going ahead and decided that would be my last long distance tri.

So as it works out Roth postponed to September which I can’t go for so deferred to next July and no long distance for me this year.

Not to worry hope you all have a great race and finish with a smile

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I really hope you get in. You deserve a bit of luck :crossed_fingers:


That, and I really really want to throw grapes at him from the feed station…… :joy: