Outlaw 2023

I’ve accidentally signed up for another long distance next year. Haven’t done f’all training for a full year (really, nothing) so need to get back in to shape. But my first IM distance was Outlaw 2013 so a 10th anniversary seemed in place.

Anyone else going?


We’re all going to Wales next year :grin:

@adam is. :+1:t3:

But yeah, other than that what FP said! :joy:


I’m not going to spectate in the rain


Yea sorry @Chrace i have an entry which pretty much guarantees rain in some form

Third time going back after 2014 and the bikeless 2019


I’m there as part of a relay team, down to try the bike bit currently


Keep thinking about this race, but not at this weight, God that would be painful.

Only one little hill - you’ll be ‘reet

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Bike is getting back to 2019 now or as near as it will get.
Swim despite a recent sprint tri disaster would be 1:10 as always.

Run… let’s not mention running for a few months,course is faster than Bolton though!


Are any of these open still?

Can’t seem to enter on the website, was looking at either Holkham or Bowood halves

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Holkham definitely - Bowood still shows the 2022 date

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Thanks. Can’t deem to sugn up anywhere, just advises me to join a mailing list and that tickets should be available August 2022 :thinking:

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Im turning into my Dad with computers / the internet :flushed:

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I’m hovering over the entry button.


  • Can drive to it. No airports. No dismantling of bike.
  • No cash goes to Ironman Corp
  • Flat and fast
  • No 10C swim like Celtman
  • Not as b@stard hard as Celtman
  • End of July so might get some long rides and swims in outdoors for once.


  • Can I be arsed?

Decisions decisions…


But THAT climb :scream:

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I’m considering it too, not done any outlaw events…similar pros to you, but not done celtman either :joy:.

What is accommodation like round there? I guess most of the best stuff will be booked already.

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Plenty of hotels in and around Nottigham and none of them are especially far away but I would avoid city centre hotels as you get lots of people who have been on a night out making too much noise when you’re trying to sleep.

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We have stayed at the Mercure Nottingham Sherwood Hotel a couple of times. It isn’t far from the venue and in the morning takes maybe 20 mins. It was the ‘official’ hotel this year which put the prices up and the deal via Outlaw didn’t help was it was for a double room for two. Ended up at the Hilton in centre and it was too noisy on the Saturday night.

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2nd July - IMUK
9th July - Active Recovery week
16th July - Medium Training week
23rd July- Taper week 1
30th July - Outlaw


Thinking about the double…