Outlaw Full 2024

Anyone else down for the Full in July
New bike course released yesterday…a 3 lapper which I fear may get a bit busy
Run course 3 laps & an extra round the river/white water area/lake then an extra lake lap


Yeah, I am. What does the full course look like compared to the half? Is it similar? I think you said the new half course was quick. OSB have said it’s a quick course but I doubt I’ll get there for a recce


Interesting they take you clockwise around the loop. I’m sure they’ve done the risk assessment, but that is a lot of right turns.

All relative. Doesn’t have to be quick to be “fastest UK iron distance”, even before Bolton got the chop.

I got an email yesterday, seems there are still places available. Doesn’t it normally sell out?


Yup. By December usually.

@SidSnot - That course looks fast, but it’s a bit “meh” :woman_shrugging:t4: No Southwell or the little hill (Oxton Bank) now. Although not doing that main road (A6097) is good :white_check_mark::+1:t3:

Also … is it now 4 lake laps :exploding_head::sob:

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Very similar, just missing the circled section for the full. I liked the new course, yes it misses oxton but it seemed like much fewer cars on the course
Right turns were well traffic managed with plenty of warning


Yes 4 laps of the lake as it doesn’t go over the other side of the river. I dont mind the lake laps just switch brain off(doesn’t take much) and run


I was really considering doing it despite being in woeful shape. But then Mrs A wanted to be away on holiday that weekend. Probably a good thing, would have been a lot of walking.