Outlaw X

PTO stumping up some more cash for Outlaw X prize money. AB and Bartlett are in…

Any TTers racing?

I see George Goodwin is on the start list… @MrPG looking to give AB some serious competition :+1:


I’m not there but this is great that the PTO are weighing in on these domestic UK races :ok_hand:t2:


I’m not racing, but I’ll be there and hopefully can pick up some clips for the podcast to give you all a flavour of before and after. It’s going to be a pretty stacked pro men’s field - I bet George is licking his lips at another shot at taking down AB ! :slight_smile:


This looks like another ace race for the UK :heart_eyes:

Got to say, PTO are painting themselves in a glorious light at the moment.
It’s great for the Pros, as they get a payday.
It’s great for us, as it adds a little dusting of magic to the events.


He’ll be keeping a low profile. There will be a few other names that people won’t know who will race well.

It is going to get increasingly hard for him to keep a low profile if he continues to pull superb results!


that’s what i was about to say … don’t think it’s going to be up to him any more! Especially with the visibility that that the PTO are able to add.

I might see about going down to watch

He knows that and he is easing into it. With guys at races like Ali, Tim, Bowden etc he is not in demand as much as they are and that is currently ok with him. There will be other young guys there who will also be after a great result that weekend.


Well I and am sure most on here will be rooting for him.

Let him know.


Does anyone know if it’s going to be broadcast on the box (substitute box for YouTube, Amazon, or something similar)?

Shortened swim today due to drop in air temperature?!

What were they expecting at the end of September?

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Pussies. Wouldn’t happen at Slateman unless the water was less than 12 degrees :joy:


Get to bed!
Hever looks like it’ll be cold, too

You’re not supposed to be able to feel your feet till you start running. That’s the fun of May and late September/October races :cold_face:

Anyone here racing, I don’t recall?

Is there still a decent pro contingent? I recall seeing Ali and Timmy the Don being talked about.

Timmy D is there

9:30 swim :scream:
What’s that? 750m???

Live results here:


That one’s not working for me.


Tim Don sneaked into the lead at last CP by the looks of things, ahead of George Goodwin. Couple of randoms at the top of the leaderboard at the moment, guess they retired.

@MrPG, see George is keeping a low profile :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

EDIT: George back in the lead at T2! :+1::crossed_fingers:


What happened to Brownlee? Did he not race?