P3 pricing help

I’m still going back and forth on whether to sell this but looking for some advice on pricing. Looking at Ebay etc, the prices are all over the shop.

It’s 2015 P3 bought new (by me) in 2017, spec:

Size 56
Ultegra 11sp group set
Specialized Sireto saddle
3T Aurora bars
Ultegra 165mm crank 52/36. (I have the original FSA crank also)
Shimano RS wheels
Magura Hydro rim brakes
Look aero pedals

I’m think around £1400?


Just had a look of Ebay. See what you mean about the prices being all over the place. Hard to say. Similar spec brand new is 3.1k, so 1.4 sounds reasonable, but it is a few years old.

All I have taken from the exercise is I’m never selling my P3. Doesn’t look like I will get anything like what I paid for it. It can remain an expensive piece of wall art.


I’ll give you £140 for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Cheers mate. My plan was to put it on Cycling Weekly classifieds, as that’s where I sold my last TT bike but they don’t seem to be running any more. Too many chancers on Gumtree, so I’m not really sure.

It’s tricky. I can’t justify keeping it but I know I’ll miss it.

I’ve never had a puncture on it! :wink:


Facebook TT/Tri marketplace is your best bet for selling

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I know people who’ve sold there with success but also a lot of nobs.

I guess you just get dicks everywhere

true that

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If I hadn’t recently shelled out on a new bathroom I’d have seriously considered buying it.

Not sure I can part with my PlanetX though


Yeah it’s tempting!

But I have to shell out on a new bathroom in September. :see_no_evil:

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Its a nice ride and I prefer the gloss grey/white to my matt black / turquoise / white scheme.

Thanks all. It’s been well looked after (apart from one day in Sept 2017 :joy:).

I’m not on FB and I’m pretty risk averse with selling. I’m the type that would rather give a deal to someone I know than get a few more £ with a random coming to the house.

If I do keep it, I bought those Shimano wheels from my mate for no reason at all! :thinking:

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Are they the £100 Shimano factory built wheels…with hydraulic rim brakes :rofl:

Good luck with that :see_no_evil:

(Jokes, btw)

Even better, they’re second hand cheap wheels with tyres that have been on the turbo. :wink:

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Have a look at timetriallingforum might be worth putting her on there?

Thanks. I do read that forum a lot but I’ve never signed up. I think they have a min post policy but I’ll take a look.

Lovely bike, I reckon someone will get a bargain if you sell that for £1400

Not that much more than a new Ultegra groupset alone.

Cheers, I usually try and price things to sell quickly.

Still in two minds. If I keep it, I will change the hydro braked for conventional ones.

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I was going to ask about the magura brakes. My p3 was the first year without them, and I’ve always wondered if I missed it. Guess not if you’re planning on binning them

They are great, really powerful and no issue in that regard. I find them a bit painful to set up for the very wide rimmed carbon wheels like my 404 Firecrests.