Paid to exercise

See this today, could fund TT going forward :rofl:


I’m guessing we’ll all get it backdated?


If it’s backdated @Funkster and others better get on the phone to their yacht brokers, it’s time for an upgrade


It’s what’s been happening for years in South Africa. That’s what Vitality is based on. The more you exercise and purchase healthy food in SA the better your health insurance premiums are and the more you get for it. The difference between private (USA style) healthcare vs NHS.

Good or bad, that’s a separate argument, but it is a motivator.


Do they have an automatic link to Training Peaks set up? Someone get working on that API quick!


Isn’t that what furlough was for :upside_down_face::rofl:
(And learning how to chop onions really bloody fast!)


But how many people have health or life insurance; let alone both in the UK? We have the NHS right? Probably not most of the target groups. I’m betting a lot of the people who have Heath (medical) plans get them through their relatively well-paid jobs.

I only have life insurance, not medical. I pay for the kids to have BUPA plans with no excess, but they are ‘cheap’, because I put them on it from day one, and I get a huge discount. I reckon these days I’d be over £100pm with that massive discount (no excess plan), with no underlying issues. It’s a ‘privileged’ situation :tipping_hand_man:

Ah but everyone who is permanently employed in South Africa has to have some form of private insurance because there is basically no government healthcare. This could be as basic as ‘hospital cover’ which only helps if you end up in hospital in the event of an accident. But even that level of cover is linked to a rewards system.

Only the completely destitute rely solely on government healthcare.

So think of our general taxes as the “health insurance” - reduce taxes based on level of movement and perceived health.

It has been known to be fudged in SA - many dogs get an activity tracker attached to them to make their owners look extra active.


Not for me - I cant get below 27 BMI for love nor money.

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I can never see this happening; too complicated, and divisive. Plus see below…

My brother joked about doing this for his LV policy.

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The only incentive is to allow natural selection; and that’s not going to happen either. We live in a pretty social democracy; not the 1800s.

Private health in Oz is kind of compulsory. In that if you don’t have it the Gov ‘levy’. (not fine you, oh no, because that would make it compulsory!) you 1% of your annual gross salary if you don’t have. In NSW it’s also compulsory to have ambulance cover. (this is sometimes covered in a private health policy, sometimes not).

Every still pays 1.75% into Medicare but that’s becoming really only an option for the ‘last resort’. Nobody with a job relies on Medicare.

Some companies include health in their package, some don’t, some subsidise a % of it. The killer in Oz is ‘the gap’. This is the outrageous amount you pay after an operation when you realise that a load of the things you are ‘covered for’ are not covered. (even with 100% coverage!).

Some companies tried to create a product for ‘gap insurance’ but the Gov slapped that down.

Hence my comment about the good/bad of the proposal being a completely separate argument.

Pretty much everyone with a partner and/or children and/or a mortgage I’d hope!!!


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I’m just desperately waiting until I can get one of those “over 50’s plan with no medical questions to pay for the funeral”


Of course they don’t! This Forum is a far cry from the lives of millions of everyday people, just trying to get by. Life insurance is low on the list; actually it’s not there at all.

Us lot here are probably all pretty fortunate.

I find that hard to believe!!!

(EDIT: PHEW!!! The majority are insured

Compare the Market’s figures found there were 8.1 million households with life insurance – which meant, with 11.1 million mortgaged properties in the UK, 2.97 million households were unprotected.


So, you (both) go to work to pay the mortgage. one of you will get cancer (statistically speaking, if born after 1960)
You can’t work, due to the chemo.
You don’t have insurance.
You lose your home :scream:

Or, one of you dies, leaving the mortgage to just one person.
No insurance, no chance of one person paying it.
You lose your home🤯

We’re a household with life insurance, but no mortgage, and all those over 50’s folk too… so there will be lots more folk with mortgages without cover.

But you’re also missing death in service benefits for lots of people that they may be using instead for the cover, or simply taking the risk, statistically speaking you won’t die during your mortgage, so it’s not a big risk (which is why it’s a relatively cheap thing to have of course - mind you I could take the money I spend and buy netflix instead…)

I’ve always been up to triple salary covered through work but when I was out of work in 2014, we took separate life ins with LV. It was a bit of a nightmare with my medical records (strangely they were more interested in my migraines than my back ops).

We still have it going, so I’m life insured twice over but I upped the payout. Ours pays a lump sum. (£180k) upon death or a terminally ill diagnosis. We were never interested in one that pays out the mortgage because our mortgage is low and cash for Mrs FP is better. We are jointly covered. It’s approx £30 p/m.

Work LI is triple cover now as well.

We don’t currently have private health and haven’t for about 3yrs.