It’s the Labour Party rules that you have to be an MP and get nominated by 15% of your fellow MPs to stand in the contest to lead them.

And they can’t change their rules without lots of people arguing and shouting at each other before a vote at conference.

Tory rules different so potentially a route for Burnham there if he switches……


Not sure how Burnham is responsible for hundreds of years of planning decisions in central Manchester :joy:


Neither is the general electorate :man_shrugging:t4:

He’s had the opportunity with Picc Gardens and Stevenson Square, and to a lesser extent New Islington (albeit, that’s not really “central”), but they’ve gone ahead with Mayfield Depot - which is miles away.


King of the north my arse.

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Somebody parked a car in his front garden on Monday night :rofl:

Car crashes into garden of Boris Johnson’s £1.3m south London townhouse (msn.com)


I’m guessing the taxpayers will pay for any repairs if the insurance company doesn’t pay out :roll_eyes:

To paraphrase JRM this morning 'no we shouldn’t tax multi-nationals making record profits; we should continue to Tax average working people. We should also look at making efficiencies in the Public Sector…(whilst simultaneously forcing them back to presenteeism)

Now, speaking as someone who’s fortunate enough to be fairly comfortably off…I still loathe this pompous c*. Anyone else?


Yup, him and a couple of others, beats me how he gets voted in. Totally privileged upbringing that most of the electorate will get nowhere near.

And reducing the civil service to save a few quid is ridiculous.

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There are probably more than 90k vacancies tbh!

It does seem crazy that the Civil Service headcount has increased by 25% since 2016. Can that really all be down to COVID and Brexit?

Instead of encouraging workers back to the office to justify the cost of the office space, they’d be better off letting some office space go and keeping workers at home.


But that doesn’t help the economy.
And keep other retail space being rented.

Gotta keep eating Prets for lunch.


Do you think?

We’ve got policy, laws and enforcement to now manage across every single darned area of life that were previously managed/supported by the EU…from the obvious import/export challenges, through product standard for everything we eat, touch and consume, international trade relationships, monitoring and managing international driving license processes, chemical safety testing, water quality agreements, banking regulation, international technical standards for data transfer, even things like agreeing synchronisation for atomic clocks… frankly, i’m astounded its only 25%


in light of today’s news about the MP told to stay away


Eh? aren’t they all crazy these days?

managed and supported by whom in the EU?