Post season recovery

This year has been my first in tri and all year I have trained hard and loved it, I started in June doing the full lakes man (ironman distance), an Olympic distance, a long fell race, helvellyn Tri and finally ended yesterday with the London marathon.

After each event I had a few days off to recover then got back into it for the next event.

Now I don’t have any events until April next year I feel the next 3 weeks or so would be a good chance to have a spell off and relax but I’m struggling. I just obsess with when I can train again, eating cleanly and the freedom is daunting as I will have no structure anymore after 10 months of grind.

Is this normal? What are the ways to overcome this? I was thinking of trying some other activities or hobbies I used to do to try and keep busy but with something else. 3 weeks of just ‘chilling’ would be torture I think


Yes its normal, and time off is a good thing, physically and mentally. Have some rest do some different things. Go for a run, but leave your watch at home and just run for fun, usually ride on the road? Try some MTB for a change.

Stay active without being regimented and training hard.

Also a good time to start with some strength work as you dont have to worry about it messing with your normal training


Pretty much exactly what i was going to write! If you’re naturally active, then just not doing anything will kill you mentally and physically. But just take the pressure off and exercise (not train) for fun.

A lot of people on here have seen great positives by starting yoga. In your time off, now would be a great time to set some new routines around that, that will hopefully live on beyond the 3/4 week chill period.


Get some boots on and go for some long walks outside. It’s a great time to do stuff just for fun.


I’m the same. Had all of august off and hated it! :joy:
If your idea of relaxing is going for a walk or bike ride then do it. Staying active will help you relax. Great suggestion regarding yoga.
Use the time to put a plan together for the coming year. If you don’t do Strength and Conditioning then now is a great time to start.


Or you can do what I started in my last downtime. Drink all the booze and eat all the food. Just make sure it doesnt last 3 years like mine :wink:


Sounds like a great first season, good job! I just keep training. You could enter some more fell races, zwift racing to keep it interesting!

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Just going to add similar comment to @d.t , plenty of off road or XC running events over the next few months which can be pretty fun.

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Excellent thank you all so much for the quick replies, yeah I think I’ll do a bit of it all, run and ride but do it socially and easily and enjoy it rather than focus on the numbers all the time!

Thanks again :+1:

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Similar to the others. I wouldn’t do “nothing” just for the sake of it as I’d hate that, but I’d just do stuff for fun without it being “training”.

In a key build I’m often riding solo, as I’m doing my own session and out on the TT. Getting back into riding with friends, and just having a chat as we go, is always nice to look forward too.


1 week genuinely nothing. Consider sleep as your training session. Eat rubbish you denied yourself during the season. If you genuinely beasted yourself in your A race this won’t feel hard!

Next two weeks as others have said easy/fun/to feel/when you fancy it. Strength and conditioning is good. Easy swims, some stretching sessions. Plan next year’s events and sessions if self coached. Improve your diet (after ralphing down rubbish for a few days I genuinely want healthy food by the time I’m in these 2 weeks).

4th week I’m getting twitchy to go again, so I’ll start putting structure and habits in (waking up early on swim days etc) even though sessions are still easy and unplanned.

Week 5 - go again. Get properly depressed when you test FTP etc and realise you’re much less fit….


Catching up on DIY, gardening, doing more stuff with the family and starting a 3 month strength program is my thing.

Oh, and also getting a job. I hope. :sweat_smile:


Yeah same here regarding strength. I can’t really do more than once a week when I’m training for everything else, but this time of year is perfect for 2 or 3 sessions a week.


No season to speak of here! Did the Fan Dance and that was it!

Maybe I need a break from Zwift and running, and do more kayaking…but a long way from good water here :roll_eyes:

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Maybe you need to assert your authoritah and get signed up for the smackdown next year. Home turf advantage as well.


Nah, I’ve done that race sooo many times! Don’t forget I have weekend warriors, so something had to give.

Okey doke. I get it.

  • taps nose *

You mean like this guy…

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XC, CX and Zwift until it is time to start the build phase next Jan/Feb

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I completely know how you feel!

I feel like I have an obsession to train all the time too but I think it’s completely normal since we have incorporated it into our lifestyle.

I came across a blog on the WholyMe site regarding the benefits of exercising on mental health and the site had some really great blogs with exercising and wellness tips.

You should check it out :slight_smile:

So I am going to keep working out in the gym till I compete again.

I hope this helps