Power meter suggestions

My faithful P2M has died and I need something else pretty quick. My cranks are 130BCD Rotor 3D so not sure what my options are for something like a P2M or go pedal based.
I cleared out my Nike shopping basket so I am allowed to shop. Suggestions please

Find the Garmins to be good and haven’t missed a beat in a couple of years.

New models out means you can keep your current pedal profile and you can also choose one side to start with and the option to go double sided in the future if you want.


A lot of people on here with Favero’s, only briefly used mine but first impressions are good.

Would have preferred them to use Shimano cleats though.

I’ve got a couple of SRM’s, excellent but a PITA sending them back to get the battery changed!

Not an acute solution to your problem but worth going back to p2m to see if fixable?

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I would love to but the unit is 11 years old and now obsolete. I have been offered a 130BCD Quark so might have a look at that tomorrow

I service PM’s. I’d buy Assioma pedals over any other readily available* pedal PM.

SRM pedals not being readily available.


Anything that works and you can afford really, but my preference would always be for pedal based.

My other bikes have Stages units, Shimano for the road and SRAM for the MTB/Cross. I have found some bargains in the past from those switching to shorter cranks… Portability isn’t an issue and I am a life long Shimano SL R user.
Running Rotor 130BCD chainrings is old school but I like them and the cost of replacing the complete unit is pricy.

Quarq Elsa 18m old, sram carbon cranks and BB fitted for £360


Quarq’s have a similar reputation as the p2m units for just working and minimal fuss

Sure pedals have improved but good mate has such issues with shimano vectors I would personally avoid

The guy i I’m getting the PM off owns a bike shop and that was basically what he said.

There’s the problem :wink:

I wouldn’t touch Garmin Vectors either, my powertap pedals are now 6 years old and never skipped a beat, I would definitely go Favero next (although I do hate the idea of something else to charge; I love the fact I can stop in a shop if my batteries fail and just buy 2 x AAA and get going again.


It’s the Garmin Rally pedals now. I wonder why they dropped the Vector name, might it be “tainted” somehow? :rofl:

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My thoughts too.
Mine powertap bearings were totally shot after one year and also got into the habit of unscrewing themselves once (that’s since stopped)

Servicing of them is non-user based and isn’t cheap.

For that reason, if buying again, I’d move to the Favero’s.

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It turns out that my recently acquired power meter was actually Anna Van Der Breggen’s when she was at Boels-Domans.


Does it come with free power?

It had better! The guy I got it off works for Specialized supporting your teams and sponsored athletes ( building and speccing their bikes). They take back the bikes at the end of the each season and when Boels folded he got a come away with her Venge as part of his package.

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When I first tried out power in 2007, I rented SRM cranks for a month - what a PITA they were, I remember having to recalibrate if the weather warmed up :roll_eyes:

Had powertap wheels ever since but thinking of heading to pedals as have discs on the winter bike and no doubt the next summer bike will also … pity as the powertaps have been great & require zero maintenance apart from the occasional bearing change.

Despite trying to pay attention, I’m yet to fully wrap my head around the pedal based options … is there a dc rainmaker type comparison table somewhere?

You can build whatever comparison table you like on his site I believe. The main road options now would be
Favero Assioma
Garmin Rally
SRM Exakt

Don’t think you can get the powertap ones anymore. Wahoo are bringing a speedplay version, but they’re not yet out.

Thanks … I did find the time to do a bit of searching, hadn’t really thought through the limited cleat options.
As a speedplay user I might wait … or consider the single crank option since I’m hardly needing top end data these days :slight_smile: