Power tap pedals

Had a quick google and came up short.

Has anyone ever bought the right side only?

The one I’m currently using crapped itself this morning. Horrible scraping noise. Fair amount of play play in the bearing too. Suspect it’s fubar.

Would like to avoid buying a new set of power pedals but if I’ve got to I’ve got to :man_shrugging:t2:

You’re welcome


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:raised_hands:t2: Thank you!!

£165 + P&P :open_mouth:

  • plus you then need some Look pedals in the meantime…

Is it a bad time to say Assioma? :sweat_smile:

They have replaceable axles as well as bearings; not sure on cost though.

Just asked a few club mates to see if I can borrow a right look pedal…

  1. I know. Not cheap :upside_down_face: plus postage :sob:

Yes @Jorgan - I’d buy a pair right now if I need them. Tbf to the power taps this is the first issue I had with them in 3 1/2 years (albeit a fairly big issue)

You have to send both pedals in as part of the service.
They do the bearings and overhaul to both, then that is guaranteed for a further year.

@Jorgan - Yes, the P1 is also fully replaceable and user serviceable.
Although with it just being shipped to the UK, you don’t have to pay to ship them to Italy and back…

…oh, wait, what was that? They can’t ship them back from Italy because of C19 :wink:

Assioma’s are cheap now though, eh?
£575 for the duo!

Are the IQ2 released yet? :thinking: :joy:

Ah right so I’m going to be in a pickle with no power pedals with that then.

Just seen that SRAM bought out PowerTap last year. Probably why I’m not getting too many google hits on the pedals now

Yeah - Quarq/SRAM now own SARIS.

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Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah, Another Excuse, Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah

Seems they’re nearly there according to DCR. And looking like solid product accuracy. Took a while tho!

Saw the DCR Review, they are a bit ugly, but DCR was very positive

Let the early adopters take the pain!

RED: iq2

Hmm…they don’t seem to be able to produce more than a few hundred per week at present.
Plus, setting them up looks a proper ball ache.
The whole point of pedal based is the ease in which you can switch them.

Judging by that description, I could swap a left crank arm (Stages) faster than the iq2 takes to install.

I guess the ideal scenario is that they get cheap enough to have a set on every bike in the long run.
Genuine question, if you swap between bikes/turbo two or three times a week is anyone concerned about wear on the crank arm threads from the constant tightening/loosening?

I’ve been swapping pedals between my tt and road bike for years now. The only way you’ll damage any thread is if you over tighten or cross thread them

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My L/H Assioma could probably benefit from some new bearings at some point; it’s my predominant clip in/out side, hence the added wear I assume.

That was my issue with my right hand powertap at the start of this thread. I’ve just been using the left hand one for power and replaced the knackered one with a look keo pedal.

Figured it didn’t really matter as I’ve not ridden outside since March!

I have dual, but you need the Left pedal, as it’s the one that communicates externally (Right pedal transmits to the Left). Only getting used on turbo anyway, so only 2x click in/out at the moment.