Power tap pedals

Yep. Exactly the same as Powertap.

Assioma duo is top of my shopping list as soon as I sort myself out with a new road frameset

Assioma bearings are easily to replace, when I can be arsed. My Reynolds wheel bearings are shocking, need to get those sorted too; all the crappy weather I’ve ridden them in, in the last 2.5 years.

I had a brief attempt to dismantle my power tap.

Looks a bloody nightmare with special tools required I believe. Couldn’t find any info of the web about servicing them either

Only that link to cycling power meters that poet posted for 250 quid or something

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They are really easy to change. bearing sets sell for around £30 in Switzerland, I guess will be similar in UK


@Adam - My driveside PowerTap pedal seized its bearing on my 200k ride, about 105km in.

A bit of dry lube seems to have sorted it, but it’s now as rough as a badgers.

Online says the bearings aren’t user serviceable - what did you do with yours in the end?
My drive side pedal isn’t power based.

Don’t really want to pay £165 for a new bearing :scream::sob:

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I threw it in a box of shit I’m my shed.

Replaced it with a Look Keo.

I’m the same, can’t stomach that cost for a service.

I’ll buy a pair of Assiomas, when I get round to it

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It’s unbelievable you cannot change the bearings and they’re only warrantied for one year :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Electronics are two years - so I’m thinking I may just leave them soaking in water for a few days :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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ASSIO… ah forgeddit :rofl:


A club mate has sent his back to them, in Italy, at his own (out of warranty) expense three times since I’ve had my pedals (17 months)

Always the damn bearings, isn’t it🤬

I’ve had mine for over 3 years. Will have easily covered over 30k in that time. Hardly surprising the bearings are knackered

I’ve had mine 17 months and they’ve done a normal amount of distance.

I take them off before jet washing, too.

Also, the right knackered pedal managed to unscrew itself twice within the first hour of riding today.
Then didn’t do it again???

@adam @Hammerer

Can you use normal Look cleats with the PowerTap pedals?
Or do you need to buy the special PowerTap ones?

Yeah they’ll work. You might find they’ll feel slightly loose - so no sprints yeah :wink::rofl:

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My three official ones all feel loose, so I’ll probably just stomach the full cost. Again

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I’ve been using a look cleat on my right shoe since September - so quite a bit of riding in that time

In this last week I’ve been donated a set of power tap pedals from a very generous mate.

I’ve been using the right side only as mine was knackered and clipping in hasn’t been an issue!

Yep done in tri and on turbo. On the track I used proper cleats, just because I got a set with them and put them on my track shoes.

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Coming back to the Keo cleats on Powertap pedals - I bought a set of zero degree float black cleats last week. Fit the pedals pretty much perfectly.

Seems like getting hold of official Powertap cleats is a bit of a issue.

Did see them on Cyclingpowermeters but 7-10 day wait


Cool, I need some too, where did you buy from?

Sigma. I popped into the shop though!

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I got a set of black ones from Wiggle.
Much much better than the red ones.
Still made from cheese