Pre race psych songs

Really digging the 30 day song thread. But it misses out on the song that psych you up just before a race. The last song you listen to that gets you worked up and exploding with aaarghhh beast mode.

Odd, but this is one the teenagers used last year.


Plenty of choices here, this is popular from Ironman just before the gun and reminds me of Barca 2016, probably my best IM.

And another my friend got me into on the 30 day song challenge.

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62m people can’t be wrong :smile:


Not a song and possibly tainted by middle management trying to gee up the workforce.

Do enjoy this though

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Nice and one of my fav’s on my running tracks

Used to play this at full blast with my son in the car on the way to his cross country races (circa 2005/6)

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This was mine on the drive over to the TTs


He could have just said marginal gains lol … is that a young Aaron Eckhart about 3:24 in

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It sure is

Listened to this pre, during and post my first sub 3 in 2011. Smashed the barrier with a 2:52

My brother used the track for a climbing summit photo comp on Sheffield too - really works.

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Number 3 on turbo play list.

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Strange how Maxi jazz, rollo and Dido all thought this song would bomb.

Not there best work for me, but motivation in spades.

You mean you don’t roll into the event car park, windows down with this blaring…

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