Press fit BB

  1. Who in the world thought these were a good idea
  2. Why is mine really creaky when I’m doing anything more than soft pedalling?
  3. How can I fix it?
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Apparently some brands are going back to threaded; which is great for us home mechanics too :+1:

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I have a P3 and they a prone to creaking with pressfit BBs. There was a fair bit of talk I think on ST and the recommendation was to use Loctite 609. Mine doesn’t creak too bad unless under heavy load.

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Where would I put the locktite?

On the outside of the shell where they are pressed into the frame. The creaking comes from the BB moving in the frame and that stops it

My P3 doesn’t creak and I changed the BB out for a Rotor and it is still ok.

When I bought my Bianchi, I built it myself and installed a Praxis from day one and it’s always been silent. I just change the bearings once a year but the Praxis stays in place. (Campag version).

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Ah man, lots of tools I dont own! May have to invest

How’s locktite going to impact getting it out again in the future? Mine creaked quite a bit initially, but then the bike shop had a play and its been OK. Although saying thay, I noticed some creaking again this morning.

Will probably wait until this “season” of Zwifting is over before getting it serviced again

I believe Loctite 609 is rated as medium strength. But yeah It’s got to leave some sort of mess on your bb cup. perhaps using a very fine emery paper to clean it up.

My Propel will probably be scrap the next time the bb goes. Had to glue the bb cup back in

Yeah as long as you use medium strength it should still come out. But a bit of cleaning after.

Could you use something like this and glue it in once and for all, then use threaded for the life of the frame.

I say again, P-R-A-X-I-S :grin:

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This thing?

I gather it converts a bb30 to a standard 24mm spindle which could be used with my Shimano 105 chainset? Would I need a BB press or does it just screw together?

Yep. I theory you could screw them together and pull them in but I wouldn’t recommend it.

IMO A press is needed because one side is pressed in and the other screws into it. I have the Park Tool basic press and it works fine. You do need two BB tools, at least you do for the Campag version, which is different to Shimano version. The Shimano version has the bearings as part of the Praxis BB but with Campag UT, the bearings are on the crank axle.

Apart from replacing bearings and greasing cups, I’ve not touched mine at all

I’ve done some more investigation - Praxis say that their BB won’t work for my bike unfortunately, so I think I’m left with removal, regrease/locktite and refit.

If I get a cheap press
and a removal tool

Locktite primer

Does that sound about right?

When I replaced the bearings in my P3 with a Rotor BB, I just used the 641 and didn’t bother with the primer. It’s been silent for a couple of years.

Have you checked ‘C-Bear’ they do some odd size BBs but IIRC, the Shimano BB tool won’t fit their cups.

My carbon bikes have actually been okay; although they get a new BB every year or so. My Boardman CX which is an alu BB30 shell - now that sucks!

BB30 seems to be the worst?

Haha, I wrote a bit too soon. The last week or so, I’ve had this loud ticking with the P3 on the trainer. Threw in the back wheel and took it up the road, and the bike still made the noise. I knew it wasn’t pedals or chainring bolts as I did them yesterday.

So today, as well as running 16km, fixing the washing machine, mowing the lawn, watering the garden and taking Mrs FP for her COVID test, I removed and serviced the Rotor BB.

Issue number one. Prior to me fitting the Rotor BB a approx 18 months ago, I had 30mm bearings directly in the frame with Wheels Mfg derlin adaptors. This meant my Park Tool bearing extractor worked a treat.

I used my bearing press to put the Rotor BB in, all good. However today, the I came to extract the bearings, my tool wouldn’t fit on the bearing hole because there isn’t enough angle, bugger. I used a drift to very carefully bang on bearing out of the cup. once that got done, I could use my extractor to get the cup out and the bearing/cup on the other side.

Cleaned everything up, pressed the bearing back into the cup and applied some Loctite 641 and pressed them back in. A quick ride up the road seems to have fixed it.

I think next time, I’ll go back to the original bearing/ Wheels Mfg set up. It’s a shame Praxis don’t do BBright.

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Got all the parts in, had the chain off to replace it and it looks like the BB removal tool I’d order had a part missing, obviously the part I needed :roll_eyes:

I’ve got the adaptor for 30mm but I’ve got a 24mm spindle so no chance!

I thought I would just add to this thread… however, bottom brackets must be the bain of all cycle mechanics. Why are there so many options? Even when you know whether it is a BB30, BB90, BBrigt, PF30, Shimano, is it 30mm, GPX or 24mm. Then when you know that it is a BBright, 30mm is it a 79mm width or 68mm width… and having done all of this, you find out that in 2014 on a Cervelo R3 on a BBright, 30mm, 79mm wide Bottom Bracket, they actually had a unique Rotor Crank, with different spacing, so you actually need a BB30 Bottom Bracket… Is this information available from Cervelo? of course not: eventuallly you can find it on various forums

Please for the sake of all cycle mechanics, and to save our ears from squeeking, please fit all bikes with threaded Bottom Brackets