Pro race chat (Tri)

Haug Just missing out on a sub 8 as well! :exploding_head:


A solid second place for Tom Bishop at Roth, some decent athletes behind him.


…and those decent athletes all crossed the line within about a minute or two of him. He must have been running scared - but he did awesome to finish 2nd today.


British record as well


Do you recall him in the tent with us at Outlaw?
His first long distance and he’d never ran over 20 miles before!!!

I kept up with him for 2km :joy::joy::joy:


Is it? That’s some performance then!

Anyone know anything about Joshua Lewis? Another Brit in the top 10.


Wasn’t that David?

I did see Tom doing a tempo run session along the Leeds-Liveerpool canal a couple of weeks ago.

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Ha ha ha - maybe :see_no_evil::joy::see_no_evil:

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So… just starting to watch the world triathlon Olympic video series on the turbo with subtitles on and I liked this one…

WTCS Hamburg is Saturday as well where some athletes will be tuning up for Paris.

In other pro news I see Skipper is on the Lake Placid start list and Ruth Astle on IM Vittoria-Gasteiz.

Anything else pro tri related this weekend?


I ‘think’ Kat M is at VG as well.

Also saw that Sam Laidlow is racing … he’s been quiet all year (again).

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Skipper was also on Swansea 70.3 startlist; I know where I’d prefer to be racing this weekend!

Not looked lately, but there are MPro and FPro fields at Swansea

Think I saw Nikki Bartlett in the start line. Not sure who else.

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Yes, Nikki is on there, along with Susie Cheetham. On the mens (other than Skipper), there’s Andy Horsfall-Turner, Harry Palmer and Ben Goodfellow. Not many other names I recognise


Kate Waugh just had to stop mid run in Hamburg to do up her shoelace. Much rather it happen here than in Paris in a couple of weeks time.


Anyone watching V-G? Looks like Laidlaw has been DQ’d for not stopping after a penalty?

Decent GB ladies field, not heard of Steph Clutterbuck?

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Interesting! That was his validation race for Kona. He was up front with a leading 3 wasn’t he?

Did you see Varga dicking about back stroking the swim waiting for Laidlow to overtake! Weird.

Big chase group of girls closing in on Clutterbuck. Wasn’t she the one who had that ‘coincidental’ ride at Lanza with her fella - all at exactly the same time checks?!

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He was in second when I saw it earlier, if he’s DQ’d before 80K he’ll be fairly fresh to validate at any upcoming event? Frankfurt isn’t far away but there’s the recovery for Kona to think about.

I saw a subtitle saying something about Varga but didn’t see it, I thought it said he’d cleared off, unless he’s getting some cash I doubt he’s going to just pace him round like he did with AB & JB, fairly sure he was getting the benefit of the BTA perks like physio’s, coaches etc. at that point.

Yes, you might be right about her, is he racing this time :joy: I can’t believe how often Kat & Ruth race, they’re a bit like Skipper was, must be quite exhausting.

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Laidlow is continuing the race, going to appeal the DQ after apparently. Although I can’t remember there ever being a successful appeal against a “judgement call” offence.

Stupid thing is he probably could have served the penalty and still won the race

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good luck with that! never heard of a successful appeal to a drafting penalty. are they using RaceRanger anyone know??

ETA: seems he is going to appeal the DQ. He didn’t serve the penalty at the next penalty tent after being shown the penalty - seems to be a view that he could serve the penalty at any tent but that will depend on the specific race rules and what was said at race briefing.

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I just tuned in and Laidlow has started the run so definitely looking to appeal.

As for the women, Stephanie Clutterbuck (try saying that quickly after a few drinks) was a zwift tri academy person and did Kona last year (I recall she didn’t have the race she wanted). She’s clearly a superb swimmer. She’s not the one who was “paced” at Lanzarote (that was Lydia Dant).

I also see that Skipper was at Swansea 70.3 and finished fourth. I thought Lake Placid was this weekend when I mentioned him a few days ago. I wonder if he’s going to the USA to race next weekend…