Protein Bars

As we all get older and train, we need to (so I’ve read) up our protein intake and increase weight training to slow the muscle and power loss.
Protein bars are expensive. Any preferred varieties you like, or good value products that do the trick?

Less than £1.
Best tasting ones in my opinion, too.

I prefer a shake, and go for the PHD diet whey one.

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snicker bars all the way


A good base of protein in the diet with eggs or ham at breakfast, beef and chicken later in the day is my approach.

I top up with whey protein shakes after a hard session and/or if mealtime is far away.

Lots of protein shakes, drinks, pouches, bars and stuff still hitting the markets. Our commercial and category teams tell us that it’s still easily the fastest growing sector in that space.


I’m similar to this and use this, it works out about 30p a serving so way cheaper than any bars.

There’s a bit of a discussion in that thread too.

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Normal food. A lot lot cheaper with other nutrients too. And I find it’s very easy to get a snack/meal towards ~20g portion if that’s what you’re aiming for

If set on a supplement replacement then powders will likely be much better value. I used to use Bulk Powders


Lots of the shops are putting them near the tills and pretending they’re a healthier option than a standard chocolate bar :roll_eyes:

Definitely not healthy on your wallet so I don’t get them very often unless I’m totally starving!

Obvs marketed as that hit of protein everyone needs after sitting on their arses all day and sedentary lifestyle :roll_eyes:


Yup. And as always, there’s a broad spectrum of decent stuff to not so decent (to be polite). I’ve seen some pretty interesting insights into the various products.

Personally I use the powders for a quick bit after a big/long session. It’s quick and it’s convenient. But I only use when in a big block as they’re still full of sweeteners or sugar that I just don’t need in my diet on a ‘normal’ week.

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Most protein comes from meat and fish.
Not an option for me.

Powder ( diet whey one normally)
Blue milk but prefer green
Quorn ( lots)

1000”s of press ups




Ham = processed food = bad for cholesterol and blood pressure.

Eggs = dietary cholesterol. Not bad, but not great.

Beef = red meat = bad. For both you (BP/cholesterol) and the planet :x::-1:t2:

Chicken = Turkey’s tastier niece :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Anyways … I take a single Trek bar with me for 100km rides, which I eat at 10:30am. Which can be anywhere from 40km to 80km.

Get home, clean my bike, put kit in wash, put myself in the wash, wipe down now moist bike, put dry bike into basement. Dick around on phone giving ride a title and story. More phone dicking around deciding where to go for lunch. Drive somewhere for lunch. Eat about 90 minutes after ride has ended.

I don’t run long, if I did, I’d have maybe 3-4 gels and some water; I got into doing 8km loops from home and found it was ace :+1:t3:
Dump a bottle at 4km, gels left in the front garden.
Again, once home from them (about 6-6:30pm), it’d be shower, walk the dogs to Waitrose to buy provisions, then walk back home to cook them for supper. Again, about 90 minutes until eating.

Then I get up the following morning and walk the dogs, then walk to the pool.

My legs have only fallen off once. And even then it was only one leg. And I don’t think that was as a result of ”not enough” protein :person_shrugging:t3:

It’s a lie being sold by marketing departments :white_check_mark::+1:t3:

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Had some VivEra meat free mince in a bolognese the other day :white_check_mark:
Winner for me. I’m not mad keen on Quorn, but the VivEra was actually nice :scream::exploding_head:

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If I’m home, then two bananas, ice, whole milk and honey in the blender.
When I used to go away a lot for stage races or camps, I’d use ‘For Goodness Shakes’ (banana) for convenience. I have some Mountain Fuel shakes that I have not tried yet.
Protein bars, I can pretty much stomach anything, as long as it isn’t dry or has any chocolate in but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten a protein bar that wasn’t during a race or a very long training session.

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I think poet has been hacked by a bot :robot: again :joy:


Banana & fistful or 2 of nuts & raisins. I used to take shakes but it turns out I’m a bit sensitive to big doses of dairy, much to the disgruntlement of anyone near me.


Eggs and milk ?

I’d love to go vegan but I just can’t do it

My quick protein meal for lunch is 3 eggs, a splash of whole milk, some mushrooms and cheese or leftover chicken if we have any in the fridge. Mix it up, sprinkle some chilli flakes in and whack it in the microwave.
Really filling, really quick and one dish, no pans. :grin:


Exactly what I thought. No mention of when he wipes his moist self down?

Sorry, back to protein.