Pull up challenge

My aim is to hit 50 pull ups before my 50th birthday. Start of the year I could manage 5. Today I managed 44

Other TT members, how are you on pull ups?


When I used to do the pumpy uppy grrr exerecises in my 20s I got up to an easy 20, then would falter… Don’t know if ever got to thirty

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I got 5

upper body is weak as a kitten. Did kickboxing for years so that is quite pathetic.

p.s. nice wheel cover, mine is coming at the weekend


Punishable even

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Would you like a kit recommendation? :see_no_evil:

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Just popped to the work gym.

Another one in the feeble as a kitten camp.

Scraped 5 but the last one was not pretty. Actually hurt my chest :rofl:


Pull-up porn for the brave among you.

Probably 2.

I assume we’re doing overhand grip, arms straight at the bottom?

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That’s what I did - absolutely grim

Think I did underhand. Is over harder?

Significantly different muscles being engaged by the two methods.

If the purpose of a pull up is to recreate the movement of pulling yourself out of / onto something, then you could only do an overhand grip

Personally I find underhand grip to be easier


I did a hanging off a bar in the park competition with my eldest on the weekend. It’s the first time she’s got me genuinely worried that she was going to win. We were hanging for a good couple of mins and things were really starting to burn. That kid is half ape as it is, remarkable strength to weight ratio on her. I reckon she’ll be beating me in a year … or will she :expressionless:


Underhand grip and head below bar chin above bar, however, not straight arms. I will try overhand grip tomorrow

Straight arms I did 10 a couple of days ago


I built a giant climbing in our garden. It had 20 monkey bars, when my daughter was 10, she could do 5 laps… I could struggle to do 1


Haha that’s ace! I’d love to that. She’s only 6, but she’d kill that. Think Mrs GB would kill me as well if I asked to build one of them! :joy:

She’s already mad with me for teaching the little one to climb up the door frames and hang on them! :joy:


Looks immense, was it a kit or scaffolding?

Dreadful. Can do 8 with the underhand grip (I always thought of these as chin-ups?), and 4 with the overhand which I definitely find way, way harder.

What an amazing piece of kit in the garden!!

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Full range of motion please, otherwise you might as well be doing Crossfit ones


It was 42mm Galvanized steel tubing from Galvanised Tube | Key Clamp Railing | Free Delivery £50+

Not as heavy as scaffold, but pretty easy to put up and absolutely solid. It cost about £700 in total. Kids loved it, the highest point was about 6m (the longest length that they did), luckily never had any falls from that height. However, if you are going to put up a climbing rope, it needs to be that tall to make it a challenge

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