Pull up challenge

Full range of motion please, otherwise you might as well be doing Crossfit ones


Leave it Flash, it’s not worth it.



It looks like something out of the French Revolution, just attach a blade and you have a full on guillotine. Bet the neighbours loved it.

My pull ups were overarm grip, the beam would be an awkward shape for underarm


Used to be able to do 100 overhand, straight into 100 palms facing you.


I genuinely reckon I could do 2.


For the first three weeks i made very little progress, going from 5 to 7 or 8, then i could do 10, then 15, then 25, then 35 and so on

At first i was forcing myself to do 20 overall. I would do 5 take 30s rest, then 4, then 4, then 3, then 2, then 2. When i got to 15 in one go, i extended to 30, and so on. I am now up to 60… 44 then 16

Its like riding standing up, really tough at first and seemingly impossible, but suddenly it becomes easier


44 wide arm pull ups ?

Chin over the bar.
Straight arms at the bottom.
1 sec pause to stop momentum.

In one set?

That is quite frankly incredible.

In my little world that is more impressive than a sub 9 Ironman, I know several people who could and have been sub 9, there all a lot younger than you, but I don’t know anyone who could do 44 pull ups.


I’ve seen a guy who was a professional climber do 31, I’ve done 21 but I’d be nearer 15 now as I’m so heavy.



Chin over bar? Revise my score to zero. Six was with eyes level with bar.

Will try again later…

PS in the spirit of TT friendly competition perhaps this needs a spreadsheet…


No staight arms or 1s pause. Chin over bar head under bar. Straight arms i can do 11


I see.

Even doing it that way 44 is some number.

Fantastic for power to weight ratio and core strength.

I’m much stronger now, but my pull up totals are probably 10? % down as I’m much much heavier.

Great training this, hopefully help the swim, following the sub 9 attempt with interest, rooting for you as is everyone else.

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@Matthew_Spooner that’s immense improvement since you started. If you stagnate at # reps add weight via a vest or a plate held between your legs.

Weighted reps done in very strict form while avoiding going to failure should lead to strength gains.


Impressive progression but the technique caveat explains the 44!

I’m probably around 10-15 depending on the day. Usually get the first set of 10 out OK but second and third sets might need 5s rest after 8 or so.

Not done chin-ups (underhand grip) for few years but assume up to 5 more reps as used to be about 5-10kg more on 5 rep weighted doing underhand.


That looks a pretty comfy sofa to be in a ‘pain cave’. I assume there are some hidden nails in the cushions :slight_smile:


LOL, what would you rather I call it? Comfy sofa cave? Also, its on the 2nd floor so “cave” is also a bit suspect. Let’s go with “Comfy Sofa Room” - not convinced is has the same cachet though. :thinking:

Anyway, here’s a spreadsheet

I tried again using @Mungo2 rules: 4 :cry:


I got to 18 four times, I must have done hundreds and hundreds that year, I gave up and 3? Weeks later jumped on the bar and shouted to three big juice head lifters !

Did the 21!

Probably didn’t hang for a full second but the arms were straight at the bottom.

I do lots of 5 dips / 5 pull ups these days, as it’s great fur strength and have a permanent disc issue that pull ups really seem to help with.

It’s amazing how many “ fit” people can’t do ten pull ups, at this weight I might struggle myself !


Haha, that sheet is funny.

I’ll see if i can find something to try it out over the next few days. I’ve got a garden arch that i can hang on, but it’s rectangular rather than round, so it’s not very nice on the hands.

That’ll get the neighbours talking. I think 4 will be a struggle at the mo with my level of strength, which has dropped off a cliff the last year.

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Blimey…i can barely pull myself up out of a chair these days…


I can do 5 straight arm, over hand full extension as @funkster describes without a break & without the leg. I have been working on it a bit though in a bid to improve swim strength as normally upper body strength is pretty non existant.


Don’t we need some strength to weight ration to be devised by the Doc here as well! :rofl:

The big guys say they have more weight to pull, but the smaller guys can say that they have less muscle mass to do the lofting.

There’s a project for the weekend for you @fruit_thief


Man i am hot and bothered now!

Managed 10 @funkster protocol without a break. Only just made it up on that last one though.


That’s how I do my pull-ups!

Just did 5 - chin above the bar.