Quick question - gear

Out on a bike ride the other day up the crow road and this cool dude came pummelling down with music on his handlebars - i was - what the wo… wow! How do I get that. Obvs headphones are a no no so this looked bliss - it was like he had a portable but very loud speaker thing on his handlebars and he looked so happy. Whistling along. Long and short. I want one. What’s the kit. Where to etc? Thanks in advance

Probably a bluetooth speaker

Much as I love listening to music a speaker seems pointless as you wouldn’t be able to hear once you get up tp speed.

If you wanted to listen to headphones but with safety, then get some bone conduction ones

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We’ve used our ultimate ears boom 2 in a bottle cage, works pretty well, plenty loud enough, just feels a bit embarrassing when it starts cranking out fat bottomed girls as you pull up behind some commuters at the level crossing.

Could hear it fine, although it was pretty loud when not moving, weren’t getting up to 45km as had Otter on the follow me and she was generally not bothering to help much.


It’s a no from me.

I wouldn’t want to be the cycling equivalent of the pimply virgin driving his £600 1.1L Clio down Yarmouth promenade with the windows down blaring out rubbish music ridiculously loud…:joy:


I’m with TRO here. Find it quite cringe

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Ah… surreal memories of barrelling along into the night at 2am with a small bunch of (I think) Russians playing dance music from a Bluetooth speaker on PBP :smiley:

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A no from me as a cyclist and another no from me as a pedestrian.

If people’s perception of how loud their music is on a bike is anywhere near their perception of how loud they need to shout to each other even cycling at low speed it would need to be a 1000W system

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Was funny at Mallorca 312 when a lad was climbing up to Lluc with his speaker banging out some pretty good dance music, pumping his arm.
Not something for every day though.

I wear 1 Bluetooth earphone in my left ear when I go on long rides if I really need some music.

Thanks for suggestions/ opinions. Use of headphones is controversial enough in running forums lol - clearly polarising issue. Just fancied some music for longer rides. Bone conduction sounds best option. Cheers

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I do all my training on my own (as I’m a miserable bastard) and have music on for all three sports

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I’ve contemplated this before, as I frequently ride solo. I’d be interested to hear how it goes / how others find it.

Have also thought about this, but my jabra earbuds frustratingly have the master bud as the right one. And I’d rather not have my offside ear blocked.


no, no and thrice no…

Move abroad :smiley:


Am thinking of buying a older P5. I think it’s a P5-three from 2014

Does anyone know how I can tell the exact frame model please? (I did use wiki and cervelo’s site)

it’s obviously a fairly decent bike but I’m concerned about the 1800g frame weight

(plus I couldn’t create a new thread??)

Ask the distributor - send them a frame number


thank you @explorerJC
ended up getting a P5six in the end…very nice.
Follow up question please.
I’m using this for HIM and i have a bottle for between aerobars but don’t like it as it gets in the way of my wahoo, i obviously have regular water bottles but the p5six only allows one to be attached. I have a speedfil F1 which I’m not too keen on either. i have one of those seat brackets where you can put two behind you but that wont fit to my adamo seat (although i might use a regular seat, haven’t decided)

Q: What would you guys recommend as a cool looking aero-water bottle for the down tube or might there be a bar-based solution with a sensible integral wahoo mount?

first world problem IK.

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Maybe zip tie a cage behind the saddle to the rails?

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I had a P5six until I totalled the frame. I had a bottle behind the saddle as @pacha suggested with the Fizik set up and I could get a 500ml bottle between the arms as well with the use of the xlab plate fastened between the arm rests.
Personally I used the down tube and the rear bottle set up for HIM.

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xlab plate - +1 ty
last time I used the rackk behind the seat was on pru ride london. I had just invested £100 in 3 bottles of hvmn keto (which works for me) and one of those was in one of the bottles. about 10 minutes into the race a bumpy road caused the hvmn to fly out. :wink: did a good time but not happy!

There’s an X-Lab rear bottle plate thing with two Gorilla cages going on Ebay at the moment for about £100 if I recall.