Rapha Festive 500

500km between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Anyone planning on doing it? I’ve signed up on Strava but if I get time for 200km I will be doing well.

No way I’m getting out for ride on Christmas/Boxing Day so no chance for me

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I have done it at least twice previously but struggling to motivate myself to get out that long atm, I’ll probably be running instead.

Unless we get a heatwave.


That’s a no from me

F***. That. Sh**.

I follow a few people on Strava who do it annually and have done for years, but they’re single and usually ride about 500km per week anyhow, so you know.

I’d rather eat, drink, sleep in, mooch about some pretty Cheshire villages, head into Derbyshire to find some snow and just not really think about anything.
I’ll be doing some vague exercise over the next three weeks, but nothing resembling training


As long as the weather is half decent, I’ll probably do close to 500km over the Christmas period, but almost certainly not between 24th and 31st December. It’s unlikely that I’ll get a pass to do anything on Christmas day, we’re travelling back to London on the 27th and I’m back in work on the 30th and 31st. I did it last year because the dates fitted in better with my annual pilgrimage back to Yorkshire, but this year (and probably next year) it just doesn’t work.

Mrs W usually starts out with “yes, of course you can cycle every day over the Christmas holiday”. This soon turns into “make sure you’re back by X so that we can do Y” when X is significantly less time than you would like. Eventually it’s “you’re not going cycling today, are you?”, which is actually an instruction, not a question :rofl:.


There’s so little daylight this time of year too; it’s still not light out there now. So it’s not like you can go out at 6am for a few hours really.

This is definitely for the Audax bachelor crowd.

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Or the Southern Hemisphere

Really though, what is the point of this exercise; just a marketing gimmick for Rapha?

Winter miles, summer smiles…

More like spend January ill and grovelling to your family for not spending the festive period with them.


Like I say, it’s one for those people who are always posting YouTube vlogs of their latest epic ride or overnighter. I just live vicariously through them, and have a family instead :wink:

Not that my commute into work isn’t #epic