Rapha RCC Members

Anyone want to buy me some kit?
I’m not a member :frowning:

"To give our members the best possible chance of securing a piece of the switch-out kit, the Rapha Cycling Club has managed to secure a very limited run of team edition race clothing and casualwear. Members will have exclusive early access from Friday, 9th October. Stay tuned for more information.

*The collection will be available to members who were active on or before Sunday, 4th October or have renewed a previously lapsed membership since that date."

I get the leaflets from Lidl & Aldi, is that the same?


I CANNOT BELIEVE you weren’t a member; I thought you must have shares in Rapha by now :ok_man:


When we went in on Saturday, my wife did tell me to join :see_no_evil:

TBF, if the kit wasn’t Palace, I wouldn’t be arsed, but Palace is Peng :ok_hand:t4::+1:t3:

beyond ‘is’ I’m struggling here


Yeh, I had to look it up too.


and Palace isn’t the one in near Thornton Heath it seems

Totally made up word. WTF is wrong with all the in-use alternatives?

I mean, why didn’t he just describe it as SUAVE AS FCUK

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I’d not heard of Palace beyond Buckingham and crystal! :joy:

Might try dropping ‘peng’ into a conversation to up my street cred :roll_eyes::joy:


All words are made up.
They don’t just magically appear!

And “Peng” is in use.
As shown by the dictionary definition above :+1:t3:

Your narrow minded use of English is “peak” :wink:

It’s a suggestion, not an accepted word. Yet :sweat_smile:

There’s plenty of fully accepted 4 letter words that could be used in reply…

It’s a fully accepted and in use word.
I’ve an 18 year old son, remember :wink:

(Who is also wanting the Palace x Rapha gear :see_no_evil::rofl:)

You might have an 18-year-old son but it doesn’t mean you should use Peng on a forum of middle-aged people and try and convince them it is ok. The 18-year-olds would think you are a ‘bad-bell’ for it anyway :rofl:


The fact that middle aged people will be wearing Palace, probably means it’ll be “bear dead”

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You mean you don’t have 6" of underwear showing above your jeans?


I’ve got a 22 year old son, an 18 year old son and a 16 year old daughter… they would be mortified if I used these terms. Not that I have any clue what they mean

Took my 18yo son to Rapha shop in Canary Warf this summer, he wasn’t impressed


Rapha CC is for the newbies.

Us old dinosaurs were Imperial Club members.