Rumble in the TriTalk Jungle - 2020

So, options here. I must confess to stroking my goatee in consideration of IM70.3 Staffs.

It needs to be fairly central.


Could definitely get on board for this.

I am definitely on board with this.
Though, “The Dentist” @chickenboy would take us all down to pottery town.

The run course has two fairly nice “hills” in it on the path up to the castle, but the path is quite wide.

I’ve not done the event - just been reading the past three years (since it moved from Shugborough) reports and sifting through the photos.

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To clarify. You’ll have to zoom in.


^^ hmm, so Coventry then? :sweat_smile:

I was actually contemplating this, as it would be a logistically more straightforward warm up half if I go long, and timing would work to what I’m thinking…

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I’ll be on board. Need to actually perform

Bit late in the year but Outlaw X is inside your map? My mate did Staffs 70.3 but wasn’t very impressed, something about the logistics of the split transitions I think.

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Outlaw X is Thoresby Hall and end September, so likely be a season closer.
@Jorgan (like me) just about stops training at the end of July for six to eight weeks.
(I’ve just put away the TT bike and prepped the winter bike and put autumn wheels on the BMC)

Staffs transition looks painful

When @chickenboy is back from his jollies, maybe he can explain it to us.

@stenard - This is six-eight weeks before Bolton?

Is that not a one-off this year to celebrate 10 years? It would be odd to carry on the branding otherwise.

Market Bosworth is smack bang on the centre there.

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I’m wondering how long my TT bike will sit in the bike box now. Didn’t ‘Savaloy’ once get his TT bike out of the box about 10 months after Barcelona for his next race? :smiley:

I think he just goes to horse racing now!

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It is. But that date is also the timing of some other Euro races. Just need to finalise a few bits before committing. Have decided after everything I’ve read that I really don’t want to have to fall back to Bolton in all honesty, but that weekend is about ideal.

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…and suspiciously close to your location :joy:

That was his last “race” though, wasn’t it?
Went 9:06 and passed up on the Kona spot.
Then did “nothing”, but then went and did Outlaw.

Yes, that’s it.

It’s a pity challenge henley was driven away.
Despite the rather crappy roads I think it was a great event if you stuck to the half.

I thought the X must have been for ten years but they’ve just released dates for next year so :man_shrugging:t2:

Odd to carry on the branding for Outlaw X perhaps, but not surprised they want to continue a 1/2 at end of season

Only midlands alternatives to Staffs I can think of are Vitruvian, Market Bosworth, Mojo and Grafman (stretching definition of central). Would much prefer to avoid Mdot where possible, but Market Bosworth and Mojo are only average.