Rumble in the TriTalk Jungle - 2020

Is Swashbuckler out?
I know it scratches the edge of the map but as an event it has a great reputation.

Ha yes, the bike actually features quite a bit of our chain gang loop. Good chance I will have a crack at it anyhow just as its logistically easy for me to do.

Anybody done the Avenger Triathlon at Ragley Hall? (

Was on 8th June this year.

Run is 1.1k short, if you worry about that sort of thing.

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“Swashbuckler returns 31.5.2020”

Not with RNF.
It’s also the Bank Holiday Weekend.
I rarely exercise on Bank Holidays - much prefer to go for a hike and pub lunch. #BeingBritish

The Vit is end of season and last time I did it, the roads and cars and volume of athletes was sketchy.

Being Roth, IMA, Vitoria-Gaistez.
The latter being excellent for Staffs, as you get to go through some insane logistical challenge :rofl::roll_eyes:

Slightly further south but Centurion has a good reputation and is the right time of year.

isnt bank hol the week before? Means bank hol is tapir weekend :wink: . Not RNF though but i recon they wouldn’t have sold out to any numpT

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Week after bank holiday.
But also last week of half term.
Good luck finding reasonable accommodation :wink:
Or you could stay down there as a UK break.

Is it a long off road run, too?
River is tidal and jellyfish prone.
But it’s bloody nice down there.

However…I’m pretty set on Staffs 70.3 now :see_no_evil:
Having never done an M-DOT event, I think I should at least dip my toe in the water.


Have done Swashbuckler before; its a great event
I know its new people; but doubtful not in good hands and surely they want to put on a good event in year 1


accommodation will be a nightmare. the jellyfish are non stingers. The swim is with tide usually so FAST! run is a mix, its not too bad, some trails along river and some road IIRC. bike is the wrong end of the forest though its still nice, just not the Forestman part. Staffs mmmmmmm does look good

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I’d be up for Staffs.

Is it possible to do a poll thingy on here?


Throwing my hat in the ring for any central event, I’m keen! I need to do a good effort at a middle distance next year to get ready for Challenge Roth (first LD race), so will show up at the start line fighting!


Already committed to Staffs so let’s party. Not done it before so we’ll see how it rolls.

Swashbuckler is (was) a great race if you like cold, VERY early tidal swims. Grafman is more than pleasant.

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I’m just going on the fact I’ve done most of the ones mentioned before, but haven’t done Staffs. Like to keep it fresh, and all that.

Perhaps we could mitigate the logistics faff at Staffs if there are a good number going i.e. plenty of us with cars to ferry people about, lift share etc

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My votes would be Cotswold or Staffs.

Obviously loads raced Cotswold this year so that’s out. Split transition can’t be too bad if you can sort it on your own terms and have the use of a car.
More than happy with Mdot, no issue with that

My key concern would be Qualifying, and then taking maybe 2-3 seconds to come to the conclusion I couldn’t afford it :laughing:

Bound to be in term time too.


I could be tempted by Staffs… won’t be competitive with your lot of course, but I can do sweeper and be social. :slight_smile:


Like I said earlier - toss up between Staffs and Deva for me, but had a bad experience at Deva, so even though it closer, easier and cheaper; I’m going to do Staffs.

Now…when does it open???

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