Running on Zwift

Herbert Krabel Has published a nice article in Slow Twitch about Zwift Running. I am part of the same team that Herbert is on

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We don’t link to Slowtwitch on here :rofl::see_no_evil:
If they don’t allow links to “other” competitor sites, then neither should we link to them.

They’re ran by the Evil Overlord, Emperor Dan Empfield, Ruler of all that is Triathlon.


All good points.

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Factual article :+1:t3:
That de Freitas was pretty bloody handy :scream:

Didn’t know you were a windsurfing champ, either :sailboat::dash::medal_sports::medal_military:

It was a long time ago, I still go out occasionally, and do the odd competition.

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Anyone else running much on Zwift?

I’m giving it a try but not sure what to make of of it. Finding it a fairly soulless experience compared to running outside, or biking inside.

Using a foot pod thing on treadmill

Has the advantage of warm and dry of course

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Only time I found it a bit more engaging. Pick a dirt climb and see how many bikes you can overtake :grin:


Yup just restarted.

At the moment just replacements rather than a regular - track was cancelled last Thursday, Sunday long run delayed until I couldn’t be arsed.

Group runs or group workouts are more enjoyable, although I tried the Tara Timekeeper or whatever that just paces round a loop. I did TdZ Run #2 on Sunday, somehow nicer when you see other people running.

You can get some banter going if you try.

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I have done…but yes it’s soulless and boy did i get my butt kicked in a race…

I have a non motorised treadmill and i estimate it’s about 25% harder to run on…


Occasionally. I try to run outside when I can, but use Zwift as a back up.


I did a workout last night which was tolerable, it was helpful to see the arches coming up to announce the start/end of each effort.

Keeping an open mind but I don’t see myself doing many run races on Zwift, maybe more a training tool for some structured stuff

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I’m the same. Tend to use it as a back up. i.e Saurday I had a long run to do, but Mrs M working so did the first half outside with the girls on their bikes and second half on the treadmill
Like @mw22 I did a half marathon up Alpe Du Zwift, it was fun passing all the bikes :slight_smile:
I do think they could do with more running routes that one could check off


I’m really wary of running races on Zwift… so many cheaters so I push myself too hard and get injured.

I enjoy the convenience of just running for an hour its dry and warm, sometimes I chat to other runners. Do the Jungle circuit, Mayan loop, the Alpe or Ventop and overtake cyclists is always fun. I still love running outside, but if I am on my own, and its winter I run more indoors


I enjoyed the Tri Academy Run Time Trials in winter 20/21, the speed of others is even less reliable than cycling so I don’t care about their speed, but having others jostling at the start and real people to catch at the end is a big difference from staring at the wall.

Footpod and watches are so unreliable and frustrating that I still use Runcline to send speed from my phone to my iPad. As I up the speed on the treadmill I then up the speed on Runcline. So much less stressful than watching the avatar start walking when I’m sprinting etc.


Presumably there’s no way of feeding back the gradient on Zwift to your treadmill, so you can just run on a flat road when the Zwift gradient is going up?

quite a few modern treadmills support this now…. but, for obvious reasons, not speed!

My mate has one of those. Masochist!

But you can transmit gradient to Zwift from Runcline if you need to :man_shrugging:t2:

I did 2 x 1 mile races. I’m not a bad runner (not elite by any stretch but competent) and got my arse handed to me both times.

Not saying people were cheating…

…. But they were definitely cheating.


If you can’t see them, they’re cheating :rofl: