Running Shoes

A thread for ALL shoe brands - what shoes do you rate for daily running/races/triathlon?

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You mean to say there’s something other than Nike? :eyes:

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… But seriously. Nikes.

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The title is Running shoes, not fashion brands. :wink:

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Nike Running Shoes :rofl:

Genuinely i only have Nike road shoes now. they fit me, they last decent mileage and they work for me. I have Peg 36 and 37 (36 can handle light summer trail just fine) for everyday use, ZFs for tempo/speedwork, Next 2s for racetime. Even have an old pair of Lunaspiders someone gave me that i use on the track if/when i ever go.

Trail shoes though i go to specialist brands. Currently in Innov8s

i did love the NB trainers i’ve had, but they just didn’t last as long (600 vs 1000km). On’s were good for me, but they’re just as expensive and don’t seem to do so many sales


In all seriousness, I still have some Asics and Hokas that I occasionally use, but I am in Nike 99% of the time. I also previously used Brooks.

Shoes were always much of a muchness for me, so I’d go with what felt best / what was cheapest. Until I tried some vaporflys. That made me realise not just how fast a shoes could be, but also how comfortable. The latter is why I use Nike shoes most of the time now. I used to get bad blisters, but not since trying Nikes … they just tend to fit my feet.

I believe many of the other brands now have “super shoe” equivalents, but until something transpires at Nike that changes the fit of the shoe to be uncomfortable for me, they probably do have me for the foreseeable

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Yeah was only being facetious, mostly because I cant wear them to run - the lasts are simply too narrow for me. which is why I have ended up with Hoka - they do a wide fide last.

My daily kickabouts are generally Nike Free’s, or whatever they are calling them this season.

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I love my low drop Sauconys and may buy another pair of NB Vongo, again low drop but with a medial post. They just seem to work for me for most distances.

Plus the Nike Alpha’s for actual racing.

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I’ve yet to break into the Nike brand successfully. Pegs were one of the worst shoes I’ve tried.
I do have the Next% - which I find really clompy - but was suprised how comfortable the fit was (as I’ve always got on with well padded tongues before).

I got some saucony endorphin speed earlier in the year and found the quite flawless. Light, cushioned, fast, but which I used on long and slow and found I had no leg fatigue in those runs.
Theyve become my default shoe.

Really want to try the asics metaspeed - but at £225… it’ll have to wait till Im WAY past all these injuries I’ve got.

Also got some asics evoride which fit like a glove - but I’m struggling to find a place in the rotation for them with how competent the Sauconys are.

For me:

Next% for A races. (used them in two races so far)

Peg 37s because they were half price, wouldn’t have looked otherwise.

Generally I’m a Hoka fan, been through lord knows how many Cliftons for general running but my go to now is the Rincon 2, on my third pair. A lovely shoe but they don’t last long.

The absolute worst shoes I’ve had lately were the truly awful Saucony ISO Ride, a horrible experience. (I’m also not getting on with the Peregrine 10s, which everyone seems to love).

Other craptacular shoe is the Hoka Arahi 3. (relegated to gardening duty).

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I despise Nike so won’t buy them.

I have a mixture of shoes brands. Brooks, Inov8 and New Balance but like some of the Adidas shoes. I generally prefer racing flats for all my running although I do have a pair of teh NB carbon plate shoes and they are superb.Normally something like teh adidas Boston or Inov8 road-x 255 would be the ‘biggest’ shoe I would run in. Anything bigger/heavier just feels clumpy.


New Balance
Vibram FF

Genuinely, currently have 5 different pairs of Brooks. All for different purposes (speed, treadmill, trail, etc.).

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Inov8 8 pairs
Newton 4 pairs
Altra 4 pairs
Nike 3 pairs
New Balance 1 pair
Merrell 3 pairs
Vibram FF 3 pairs

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I had to move from Nikes for my dailys, kept getting painful soles of the feet. Got two pairs of Adidas Ultraboost 20s for daily rotation at the moment.

“My name’s eJC and I’m addicted to shoes…”

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I have worn Saucony for years. They were comfortable so just keeping buy the new version of the Rides each year. Occasionally buy the Jazz but they are a little flimsy for my fat ass.

Has anyone else noticed that they seem to be dropping in quality a bit? Last pair I had I didn run much, nut wore them for walking etc and the padding on the heel inside fell apart, exposing the plastic.

I used to use Asics but had some issues when they change models etc. so I stick with Nikes because of the returns policy.

I have sent a few pairs back because they weren’t right which I can’t do with other brands.

yep… :slight_smile:

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