Savoury food, low GI, easy on the stomach

Looking at nutrition for my next event (Ride London) which I am doing with the cycling group so unlikely to be more than one refuelling stop …and I have the usual long list of sticky things (Banana, Banana bread, Gels, Jelly babies, Dates and flapjack) … and near the end I know I will be completely sick of sweet things and just want savoury.

Suggestions for small portable savoury items ? Fig rolls don’t count !


Mini pork pies!!!

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That’s a long list; have they doubled the distance? :blush:

mini calzones

Salt and vinegar hula hoops.
Marmite sandwiches.
Mini Cornish pasties. (A bit heavy on the stomach, but I love them)

i am pleased to see my salt and vinegar hula hoops and come full circle…


Can you get 5 on each finger out of a bento box though? One of my greatest triathlon achievements. :smiley:

Small new potatos par boiled and sprinkled with a bit of salt

about time someone came up with a chicken soup gel…


Its called a stock pot


Those little jelly ones from the chef with the black curly hair…oh, what’s he’s called???

Marco Pierre white!!!

Could you imagine eating one of them??

I’ve had a fair few trial packs of gels and bars recently, getting used to them again.
Those Espresso flavoured ones are rank!

I guess they also contain a ton of salt, but i’ll give it a miss :nauseated_face:

One of the best things about racing in Switzerland is Bouillon served at all feed stations - warm salty soup works well for me


I love Bouillon.
Aromat is a similar product and makes ANYTHING taste better.

Look at baby food pouches if you want some savoury flavours. Although not sure you want the fibre they include. Some of the fruit pouches are not as sickly as gels though, and nearly as much carbs.

I sometimes take some graze savoury nuts to make a change from sweet stuff. Marmite and penaut butter roll is good too :grinning:

I like cashews, higher carb for nuts

Sushi rice chunks, bound with egg and baked in oven (adaptation of Allen Lim recipe)
For savoury add bacon bits and/or nut pieces to the bake (beware inhaling nut pieces though)
For mildly sweet add raisin/apricot/prune etc
Freeze the chunks until race day

Remember when the cycling mags were pushing this as Sky sponsored sportive food?
And all the readers were getting food poisoning!?


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Savoury flapjack. Mature cheese, red onion & some bacon/chorizo.

Marmighty balls (marmite, peanut butter) from Totally Wonderfuel. Just tried them for > 100 mile ride and they went down well.

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