School me on Zwift

Ooh, how are you calibrating your a @JaRok2300?

I can never see the little spanner to do this, with my KK trainer. Are you using inride as your power source?

Just a dumb trainer @Matthew_Spooner - Tacx Twist

Yep that’s right @joex . I don’t have a resistance adjustor on a cable, just the one on the body of the turbo itself. Would 1 or 5 be the hardest resistance? I couldn’t tell the difference when i changed it, pedalled for a while, and the changed it back. Or would i really need to fire up the power to notice the resistance changes?

Zwift didn’t give me any guidance when in set up as to what resistance setting their power curve was based on (whereas i recall that TrainerRoad explicitly said put in on X setting).

Thanks bot @Jgav and @JaRok2300 - i’ll double check that when i’m next down the shed.

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I’m using my P2M as my power source so I don’t bother calibrating most of the time.
I did a few tests recording with the P2M and KK to see if they tracked and used the Kinetic Fit app on my phone to calibrate for those.
Ps. They were pretty close most of the way with the P2M showing some shigher values at the top end. I think I may have been getting a bit of tyre slip at higher powers so crank power wasn’t all getting to the roller. Overall I’m happy with the accuracy and used the KK output for a while when my P2M battery was out and had to order another one.

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i’ve found a Zwift article. I need setting number 3 for the Twist. Progress.


Cheers fella. :+1:

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Sorry about crappy picture, it’s on my work PC so can’t upload.

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May be some use to those just starting out.

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Setup Zwift yday. Found it fairly straightforward but had read this thread beforehand :slight_smile:

  • Dumb Minora Turbo
  • Vector 2 Power Meter
  • HRM
  • Windows 10 laptop (zwift app) with ANT+ dongle
  • Android Phone (zwift companion app)

Setup seemed to work out the box, Zwift on the PC found my PM and HRM right away and companion app worked fine (thanks for the tip about same WIFI network above, although a message did pop up about that).

Did the zwift familiarisation/setup ride/tutorial last night and a Harrogate Cat C race this morning with my mate.

Really enjoying it so far, the race was really engaging and a great workout, although I couldn’t believe how quick people were going, I was putting out over 300 watts up the hills and still losing the wheels (which at 68kgs real weight I thought was a bit harsh).

Subsequently realised my weight change on the companion app had been overridden when I started the main app this morning and I mistakenly typed in my height in cms as my weight in pounds in the rush! I’d basically handicapped myself 22lbs :see_no_evil:


I find the elevation profile quite hard to see in detail, which coupled with the dumb trainer meant the hills took me by suprise a bit - any way to make that bigger (apart from say invest in a massive TV which I won’t be doing!)

Not that I’ve found.

It won’t take long to learn certain routes though

My mate had done that race before so knew the course. He was ahead most of the race and me and another guy caught him just before the last corner before the 10% ramp. I was in TT mode and went past him, then he launched up the hill and had a big gap in no time.

Have to say racing against people you know is a real good motivation tactic! Will be learning that course for sure.

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Yeah i rode that course last night with three other mates. We had a 4 way messenger call on at the same time, so we could chat and take the piss etc. Was as social as you can get at the mo!

Was thinking about going on there.
Currently I use Perf Pro hooked up to my Computrainer

I have a spare Mac Mini laying around, but the set up process looks like a ball ache, and I’d get no power readings

Finally got round to signing up to zwift. I’m on PC with a Garmin ANT+ dongle. My power meter has connected but it’s not picking up my Garmin HR monitor. Any ideas?

Should I connect it to my Fenix 5 and re broadcast it from there? Not tried that yet.

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Not sure how many channels Your ant+ stick can handle as it’ll be picking up your power meter and also the cadence separately

Thanks apparently USB 2 can handle 8 channels. Tried it today and its picked it up.

Just going to try my first Zwift.


That’s why I need an ANT dongle with the Surface Pro, so it can connect to both PM and Tickr HRM ( they can broadcast using either, which is a bonus)

near trick I’ve just discovered!

Double tap your orange arrow whilst looking on the map on the companion app.

Gives out ride ons for all in close proximity


I’m using a dumb trainer currently. Is there much benefit to a smart trainer? I have power meter anyway so getting those metrics. Just means I have to manually adjust the resistance. Annoyingly I can’t find the mount for the resistance unit.

Appreciate finding one is going to be hard in this climate. But are they really worth the £700+ they are going to cost?

Having been a user of sufferfest on a dumb trainer, then going smart the difference to me was massive.
I used to hate it, admittedly I had no power numbers but guessing rpe.
Wifes been using the dumb trainer now with virtual watts… But she’s constantly having to tweak gears and cadence to match power.
Smart just lets you ride and not think.
Now on zwift, the few times ive lost trainer control so effectively a dumb trainer Ive hated it. Far less engaging. Im absolutely loving riding the hills.
Worth every penny imo.