Skipper wins Kona

Come on Joe, we all need cheering up. Even Sanders knows you have a 52:30/4:09/2:40 in you.


I wouldn’t bet my pension on it, but I would chuck a little £100 flutter on him. The boy is good!

Haha agree with the sentiment, but why now 10 months out? :thinking::joy:

I know he did a booboo at the start of lockdown. But looks like he just got his QR nicked out of his car in Grenoble.

That’s a bit shite. Not many triathletes that can afford for that to happen to them.

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Car! Didn’t he cycle there?


I doubt that he paid for the bike. I’m sure he’ll be gifted another one. Photos of the QR all over social media probably worth more than the price of the bike a number of times over.

No he didn’t. But nobody wants their tools nicked do they?

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No it’s not nice. I hope he gets it back. It stands out a bit, so can’t see it going unnoticed when it gets ridden out and about.

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Yeah, it’s fairly distinguishable. It would probably catch my eye if someone racked it at Chirk Tri.


Lockdown hasn’t been kind to Skipper :scream::rofl:

“Meanwhile, down on the farm in Norfolk, Joe finds amusement with his bike in the barn…”

There’s another one in the background.
Although a red cage with pink and blue :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

The fairing in the Tri spoke for the disc brake is cool.

Good to see someone else using that method to mess around with gears! I thought it might have just been me frequently using my neck to elevate the rear wheel. My standard indexing technique :joy:


Why not just put out an APB for the old guy in shorts and sandles? He’s clearly the culprit.


I’m always surprised when I see posts of expensive bikes being stolen off bike racks (I believe it was on his car not in it)
He states that it was locked but I would never trust the locks built into bike racks (they’re only mounted in plastic usually) as anything more than a minor delaying tactic if nipping into a petrol station etc. I’d never leave a bike completely unattended on a rack.

Thule have non-unique keys. I had to get a replacement from Thule when I was on holiday.

All you would need is to collect the few hundred keys, look at the number on the lock, and youre away with someone’s kit. Worthwhile if youre robbing tourists.


Got the piss ripped out of me for putting a cafe lock on mine at registration at the Outlaw a couple of years ago, can’t imagine why I wouldn’t trust leaving a not-too-cheap bike un-locked while I left it for 10 minutes…


If you grew up cycling as a kid like me, you know that an unlocked unattended bike has a halflife of ten minutes.

You did the right thing!

I dont think me or any of my friends ever had the chance to take an old bike to a dump.


Yeah. Don’t even own a bike lock.

Means they don’t leave my sight when out!

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Was searching for a video of some scallies aggressively taking a bike off a roof rack when I came across this, which makes the case far more effectively…

I’m absolutely paranoid and make sure me or wife is eye contact on the bike at all times when travelling with them (in a car, yet to have the joy of leaving it in the capable hands of baggage handlers!).

Where is the market for a high-end highly erm visible bike like this though? Abroad?

Or are the drug dealers in Norfolk some of the fastest around?

Do they care? Opportunity to steal is the primary factor imo, figure out whether they can hawk it later.

With bikes they can often be used in the commission of another crime and then dumped.

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Some would argue the colour itself is criminal!

Maybe a respray then it turns up on eBay with comical description…”futuristic speed bicycle, will fit medium to tall people”