Snacks...... lets talk healthy snacks

I’m a bit of a snacker… and am trying to find alternative healthier ways of snacking.

Aside from the obvious ‘piece of fruit’ etc, one of my favourites is some roasted kale with roasted cashews mixed in… in fact got some in the oven as we speak…

Any other ideas and suggestions?


houmous on a rice cake is my go to - quick and easy


Boiled eggs. I have 3 with pepper on. 200 cals, 20g protein.


pork scratchings

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I have struggled with this… what to eat between meals without it being

  • sweet/too carb heavy
  • processed (protein bars and the like.)
  • not require cooking

It is a surprisingly difficult venn diagram.

I have finally settled on peanut butter (the decent stuff without added anything) on oat cakes.

Here is the reason I can’t lose weight whilst working at home. Fridge/snack cupboard is too close. Only a kg up from where I was but would love to drop 3kg by end of June.


Toast and peanut butter of course :slight_smile:


Buttered toast?

Peanut butter on segments of apple works really well for me when I’m motivated etc.

The WFH snack fridge is a killer though…

Wish I lived back in the 70’s when a Mars a day would help me work rest and play, Dairy Milk chocolate was a heath food with a ‘glass and a half of milk’ and Lucozade could refresh me through the ups and downs of the day…

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Fruit & nuts, nairns super seededcrackers, peanut butter wraps.

Nuts nuts nuts, seeds, super paleo salads, eggs and avocado, humus perhaps on something. Plain yoghurt with some fruit and seeds and bit of honey and cacao powder - throw in some goji berries even… sweet potato salads… ready cooked packet lentils are good now. Bit of vacuum packed mackerel … beans etc… avocado and banana on toast

I’ve decided to keep away from most nuts as they are so calorific. Cashews, I was eating handfuls of them and then I looked at their calorific value and decided to remove them from my diet, except as a little accompaniment to a meal.

Homous with celery sticks is one I like and I have discovered the Kallo beetroot rice cakes which are delicious. Not normally a fan of beetroot or rice cakes but these are a great snack.


Mixed nuts (from Lidl). But darn it’s a lotta Kcals.

High GI rice cakes tho - I go through a packet then fall asleep lol - fine after a run for me but not before. Few handfuls of almonds and a boiled egg or something like that keep me more sustained partic if not exercising that day.

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Not any more, I used to butter before peanut butter as a child and adult, but stopped some years ago now. Not sure when or why.

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40g ground almonds
50g chocolate protein powder
20g cocoa powder
100g almond butter (make sure its mixed well)
15-25g rice syrup (or honey)
25-50ml water (add 10ml at a time)
tsp peppermint essence
10g cacoa nibs.

Mix them together with your hands, roll them into 10 balls. Thats 5 days of healthy snacking with a chocolate fix to boot :fireworks:


That sounds delicious, trouble is I’d probably scoff my way through “5 days of healthy snacking” by mid afternoon


To be honest… they are incredibly dense, and really fill you up… eating more than two a day as quite a challenge. Give it a go, only takes 10 minutes and your biceps get a good workout stirring the mixture too… (too much water makes this easier but then you just get a sticky mess. Its also worth ‘skimming’ a bit of your almond butter oil off if its separated in the pot).

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fruit is sugar right? not sure that’s the best idea
i would go for nuts myself like others here. i like them but would convince myself that the micronutrients in them are good.
depends on what you are trying to achieve. if it’s weight loss coupled with still snacking then maybe go for rice cakes or cardboard. i think they are interchangeable.
someone else mentioned boiled eggs, the wife might object to the repercussions but that’s probably a good idea as its easily digestible protein and hence filling and good for strength maintenance/building as its protein.

10pc bucket for me.
That’s snack size and full of protein.

16pc is a proper meal.