As I don’t know anybody who spas, and the esoteric forum that is the last bastion of me on the internet, is well global esoteric, after google, to get a definitive answer, I though that some here might use spas.

Why do so many (typically twenty something ladies from what I could tell) sleep in spas? You are paying money to sleep!

It has to be said that I think that I fell asleep on a water bed, and the spa does have a sleep room (which I do get), but all over the place women were sleeping.

For context my son took me to Centre Parcs, in case that helps. Is sleeping in spas normal? Why?


The context helps. I suspect most women at a centre parcs spa have been “given” a day off from family obligations as a holiday treat. Therefore it’s the first time in a long time that they’re not being disturbed by a child or husband/partner. Which leads them to falling fast asleep.

It’s not that common in other spas. Like posh hotel ones.



Thank you, that makes perfect sense. I am a curious chap and if something seems a bit odd I like to understand.

I will leave you all to your merry wandering.

Never appealed to me.

Sorry Sloggers, couldn’t resist.


No probs APM

While I often don’t get banter (I am fairly literal), I have no issue with it, or having a bit of fun. What is clearly, under current standards, bullying is another issue.

Anyhow, just wanted to clarify this point.

I am off to don my cartouche, as I penetrate into crop circles towards their source energy, under the guidance of a Masonic Jewish Priest! (Don’t ask :joy: )

Ma’at Ankh Re :shushing_face:

@ for some reason I can’t get quotes to work on this forum, yet they are the same as other forums.


Spas are supposed to be relaxing, so snoozing definitely normal. ASMR is next on your journey…

I watched a detective series not long ago where someone was murdered by being locked in a sauna.

Are we talking about sleeping in a whirlpool bath or a steam room or do these places have sofas?

Looked that up - so it’s a goddess of truth/ law etc but it’s also an ethical way of living on a daily basis universal stuff bit like karma too etc etc

So what’s Ankh Re?

… hieroglyphic symbol

And Sun God

So what does that add up to?…


Throw in crop circles and a Jewish Masonic priest

It’s certainly esoteric :face_with_monocle:

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Am I in the minority here having been to and stayed at posh spa hotels?

Love a day being gently simmered.


No been to a few myself. All obviously pre kids though!

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Lots, rooms full, of sofas and comfy chairs and seven iirc waterbeds.

But have you been to a naked spa? These things have to be done at least once :sweat_smile:

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You are going to regret asking tobyhitl, :nerd_face:

  1. You nailed Ma’at.

  2. ankh is a bit like the Christian Cross. Some says it’s a sandal strap. Think of a cross but with an oval loop at the top instead of a line. It means life. In more esoteric circles it is seen as magical in that it can protect you from bad energies (like a Christian cross in vampire films).

  3. Re. Sun god. Can be seen as the supreme being/God/spiritual source/what enables life on Earth, etc.

  4. Together it’s a name. Harmony, balance and truth of life under God.

  5. Funny story. A couple of decades ago I was in an Oxford Uni’s Egyptian library reading a very old book on pharohic names, when Ma’at Ankh Re flew into my mind. No pharaoh ever used it, and I felt that I had the right to use it, so I have. That understates the moment but you would have to have been there to see me squirm. Without cartouche as I obviously am not an Egyptian Pharaoh. I have had fun with it for many years.

  6. Nowadays I have the cartouche :thinking: after a lot of work based on the guidance of (very publicly on the internet) said Masonic Jewish Priest. If you think me mad, I wonder what you would make of him. Sometimes I have to spend months trying to get my mind around his words. I now challenge him on esoteric matters.

  7. I went to a Jewish forum (picked at random) to find out what Jewish priests actually do. It turns out that what he has been doing with me for two decades is actually his job. They are the descendants of those priests who spoke to God, carried the Arc of the Covenant etc. I was a bit taken back when the Jewish community confirmed this. He sees something in me and is trying hard to get me to be able to use divine energies for the greater good. All on a Masonic website.

  8. It keeps me out of trouble. :wink: and can be fun. :crazy_face:

  9. I once asked him outright who he thinks I am. His answer was that I am part of an advanced party leading the way for the return of a more illuminated planet. Iirc. For me, I just enjoy stretching my mind around stuff that’s a bit different.

You did ask.

If you have a Vitality insurance policy you get a 75% discount at Champneys. We’ve palmed the kids off on grandparents a few times and gone.

It has usually worked out at £100 per night for 2 people full board. Not much more than a nice dinner out.


We’ve done that once. It was ok but not great. Can’t really decide if I’d do it again. It was a change.

… And a good wank

So said Paul McCartney

Don’t think you mad - most of celebrated Italian Renaissance painting was based on esoteric philosophy and knowledge which made sense at that time. And which has since been lost - Botticelli for example his pagan paintings such as La Primavera, the narratives are deep from ‘an interpretation of spring’ to Neo Platonic allegories involving texts and ideas long since gone. Whether they enrich the work or anything … but always fascinating. Neo Platonic philosophy in the Italian Renaissance attempted to find connections between all religions and philosophies.

Well that’s a bit mad but who am I to discount it. Sounds fun

That sounds a bit cultish tho

I recommend Edgar Winds ‘pagan mysteries in the Renaissance’ some interesting insights into pre classical rituals - initiation etc - the pagan mysteries I guess.

Marsilio Ficino etc

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