Sports Casual

Not really a rant, and maybe I’m just getting old, but why are people at the gym getting changed back into sportswear to go home again? I notice it’s more prevalent amongst Millennials/younger so I could just be becoming my Dad. But for me, sports clothing is for when you’re doing sport; I don’t need to advertise the fact outside of athletic activity.

I’m aware that sports casual has always been the choice of certain social groups; but wearing jogging pants all the time seems to be pretty universally popular these days? When I’m at the school, shops, family time etc I’m in jeans/t-shirt or whatever.

I’m getting old aren’t I? :sweat_smile:


Easy granddad. Do you still have a Sunday best?

I must admit I have let my standards slide in recent years. Given up caring. Joggers used to be for lounging about at home, but now I will happy slop round waitrose in them. They are just too comfy.

I think the world in general is becoming more casual. When I started proper work 20 years ago I wore a suit and tie everyday. Now I wear jeans and t shirt to work. Not even the CEO wears a tie anymore, and often not a suit.

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I just think joggers make blokes look like big toddlers! Our son stopped wearing them about a year ago…now he’s five :wink::rofl:

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I’m with @GRamsay here.
I used to wear scabby jeans and an event t-shirt with old running trainers to the shops.

Now, I’ll wear some tapered tracksuit bottoms, plain black trainers, and an event t-shirt.

Everyone else does it - Lululemon central.
It’s super comfy. And more casual.

I didn’t wear anything other than joggers and Lycra for about 12 days late last month.

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Ditto for me

I should add one of the driving factors is I only have 3 pairs of jeans, and now work is dress down all the time it’s generally one pair wearing to work, another in reserve for going out and the other in the wash. That’s my excuse anyway. Really I just like how comfy jogging bottoms are!

However the pockets are always very shallow - have broken 2 phones as a result over the years when they plopped out.

It’s not very ‘Lululemon’ around here, apart from a few at school drop-off. More likely to be country/horse wear as a ‘statement’ than sportswear; dressed up like Princess Anne, then getting into their Corsa in the Waitrose car park :laughing:

I’ve seen Lulelemon referenced here a few times this week and tbh had never heard of it apart from seeing some sponsored cycling team stuff on eBay in the States (frames/helmets). I assume it’s high-end fitness/leisure apparel?

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Flora’s big sponsor and you’ve not heard of it??? Have you not seen all the #'s on her insta account

I’m partial to a jogging bottom whilst I stroll round my estate. That Barbour nonsense is so passè.

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My wife is a Barbour and Dubarry boots person, would not be seen dead is sports wear outside.

@jorgan - Lululemon is high end “Ath-leisure” worn by Yummy Mummies.

ooh very outdoorsie

You can add Sweaty Betty to the Lululemon camp, £95 for leggings ffs.

What does a vegetable based spread have to do with fitness apparel?

I guess I do dress like my demographic; you’ll see it sprinkled around various parts of the country where such people are located.

Off-road trainers, jeans, Rab and the optional baseball cap. Crapest disguise ever :wink:

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I’ve never been in a shop, but do own their commuter running backpack that I was bought by my gf for my birthday. It’s actually really rather good. And despite her not doing any running at all, she apparently researched it quite a bit to find the best reviewed bag. So my one and only experience with their stuff is positive.

I’m with the others on clothing. I generally live in jeans most of the time, but joggers are definitely more comfortable. I always go to the gym to/from work, so rarely will wear them there, but if I’m popping to the shops after a long ride/run at the weekend, I’m likely going in joggers. I used to wear them all the time to/from American football training too. I’m with the others that I started wearing a suit to work a decade or more ago, and over time that has progressed to smart trousers and shirt, and now often just jeans and shirt. So jeans have kind of just lost their “comfort factor” as I’m already wearing them most of the time.

Definitely true. I have one Under Armour storm gear pair that are great for this. The pockets go 2/3 of the way to your knees. But most of the others are rubbish. The phone is definitely falling out if I’m sat in a car, etc

^ So it sounds like a ‘race to the bottom’. What’s next, woolly tights…then what? :laughing:

Agreed men have got much more casual. I wear shorts/joggers a lot but can’t claim they’re even vaguely smart looking. But with women it seems there’s a much bigger fashion market in active leggings and gym wear.

Haha, I don’t own any jogging bottoms thank god :grinning:

Black slim fit jeans are my everyday staple with a H&M jumper and black shoes for work.
Then for out of work a smart top (All Saints) and plain black trainers.
No sports casual for me unless I am actually going to do some sport.

My other half loves her Nike leggings and trainers for casual wear but the bonus is she does look rather good in them :heart_eyes:

Animal print has been de rigeur with the ‘Boden Mums’ of late; is that coming to an end or still current. Paging @Poet

I’m the only member of the family that doesn’t look like they’ve fallen out of the Boden Catalogue.

Boden Mums?

la bretagne rayure?

Animal print is so 2011 :wink:
It’s all about those legging that have see-through panels now.

Yeah, mesh panels on the calves; because of course they are always the first place to over-heat :rofl:

Ref the Breton tops; they’ve been an enduring key-look, but animal print was a bit of a more recent trend afaik. I wonder if ‘baggies’ from the 80s will ever come back - the jeans with the elasticated cuffs & zippered pockets!