Sprint triathlon training

I’ve got a sprint tri on the 19th Sept so 4.5 weeks away.

I’ve not done a sprint for a few years and wondered what type of bikes I should be doing? I’ve been doing lots of long Z3 & SS sessions, thinking I would be climbing next week but that’s not happening now.

I’m thinking once a week to do something like 5 x 5min threshold with short max power bursts before and after the threshold intervals.

I’m not going to run hard as I’m just back running properly so will just continue with that.

Any other bike sessions I should be doing?

What’s the course like, is it a TT type course or a crit type course with several laps. If it’s something with lots of corners it might be worth doing some 30s all out or hard sprints to get used to that kind of racing.

1 lap, not many turns - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/33642061

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For that course, and with four weeks to go, I’d favour threshold and sweet spot, then of course endurance.

It looks like a steady all out effort on race day.

It will be ridden pretty much at 10 mile TT pace with my eyeballs popping out, if I can run then great but I’ve got no speed in my legs anyway with only 4 weeks of running in me, 2 weeks in quarantine then 2 weeks more running.

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If you have been doing lots of sub-threshold work, then an idea to put some VO2 max efforts in, just to remind the body what it’s like. Race day might be a threshold effort, but you don’t want that to be the fastest your body has been all summer.

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There is one near me has entries. 500m, 20km pan flat, 5km run.

Even with my lack of any swimming I know I’d beast the bike right now.

What’s holding me back from booking is the idea I might join the highly select club of peeps slower on the run than the bike in a sprint triathlon…

Now that is a crappy badge of honour! :grinning:

Hmm. Have another beer, keep credit cards hidden and ponder on a 4 week training plan…

Wait until maximally drunk then surprise yourself in the morning with a nice email…


Where are you?
Mine is at Alderford Lake in Whitchurch, isn’t that near you?

Pay for the race with your beer money, train a bit and go and have a hit out.
It is all a bit of fun after not being able race all year.

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Yep same one, but looking at the one mid September not in erm 2.5 weeks.
Cos the extra 1.5 weeks matters!

And yes, you’re right!
I’m sure that’s what will happen.

Sometimes I need the motivation to train.
Sometimes the training is all that I need to motivate me.

Deffo right now the former.

19th September - 4 weeks on Sat.
Get on it. We can have a socially distanced beer after! I’ll get them in, that’s £5 of your entry paid :smiley:


You might have to wait a while!! :sweat_smile:

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Happy to wait for a beer and cheer you in if I’ve already finished. I’m not as rapid as a lot of people on here.

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Oops. Done.

I have a race!!

Now where’s my running shoes…

Cheers PCP!


That’s the spirit!! Nice one.

I’ve stuck these 2 sessions in my training plan with a couple of variations of it I made up -

Nantwich ?

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I’m not at the pointier end and the faster I go I on the bike and swim is the more people overtake me on the run!

So I think my focus has to be a few early morning 6-8 milers.

This makes no sense whatsoever to ANYBODY contemplating a sprint tri in 4 weeks but I need to get my confidence back.

Hardly like I need to taper.

I’m actually really thrilled!!

I’ve said it to someone else before, one of my favourite things is seeing a transition pre-race. Preferably a day or 2 before, so you’re not “in the zone” but when you see those racks and you have this air of expectation…well, that’s why we do it , innit?..


Moved to alderford lake, Whitchurch. No pool swim. Which I now refuse to do. So an extra minute or 2 in transition while I try and remove the now-world’s-tightest-wetsuit. But f it. It’s ON.

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When I entered it, it was Warwickshire but they amalgamated the 2 races and put it at Alderford lake, making it an hour closer to home for me!!

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So just going from home on the day then?

I didn’t even check the start time (thumps head).
Oh it’s just a sprint (thumps head again).

After 3 years of refusing to contemplate less than a half Ironman my family are going to be the biggest winners!!!

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I’m in quarantine for 2 weeks so no running or swimming for me, I got back from holiday on Sunday night.
bike bike bike bike bike then a bit of run and swim for 3 weeks.