St George 70.3 WC - October

Didn’t think this had it’s own thread and I think a good number of us have qualified now…

Anyway, finally getting my arse in gear in getting logistics sorted.

When and where are people travelling there?

looking at the race week shedule it seems you have to be all checked in on the Thursday latest. Was thinking I would get there Friday but it seems it has to be Wednesday.

Alo thinking flying into LAX then taking the drive NE, maybe with a nights stop in Vegas. Will probaly fly back home on the Tuesday.

Also looks like BA will accept a bike box as my checked luggage then i can just rob some space in my wifes suitcase.


When’s you qualify, peacock? :peacock:

Staffs last year innit


Noice :sunglasses:
TrainingPeaks keeps reminding me I’m meant to be doing that in a few weeks :rofl::see_no_evil:


Power of the crowd!

I’m flying into Phoenix on the Saturday before. We’re driving there via 3 nights in Vegas, arriving StG Wednesday. Departing Monday, looping back to Phoenix via Zion NP, and North rim of Grand Canyon.

Holiday with a race basically.


When I did the IM in 2011, most of the Brits I knew doing the race flew into Las Vegas. I think it was only about a 2 hour drive from there to St George.

We had 3 nights in Vegas at the start and another night before we flew home. If we went there again I don’t think we’d spend so much time there as it’s not really our thing. We did a helicopter trip to the Grand Canyon, which was well worth doing, and one of the Cirque do Soleil shows, but other than that there wasn’t much of interest to us.

Definitely make time to go to Zion National Park. It’s absolutely stunning.


Yeah. I’m not too fussed about Vegas I’ve spent a weekend there a while ago - it was good but I’m not a gambling man or a big drinker - and certainly not before a race.

Wife is getting shirty as we’ll be staying an extra evening in and around St George and not Zion where she’s getting excited looking at ‘treetop’ style boutique places!

Hadn’t considered flying into Arizona but the drive from LA looks marginally shorter


We stayed here for a few days after the race -

Spa & Wellness Resort in Utah | Red Mountain Resort


I’m going to start looking at the weekend. Maybe chickenboy can give some more info in 3 weeks once he’s done the full.

Interesting about having to be there in Wednesday though. Don’t greatly fancy Vegas but would like a quick stay just to see it.

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IMO it’s probably worth it just to say you’ve seen it.

We actually really lucked out on our visit. Spent a week snowboarding in Winter Park, Colorado then flew over. There was a big boxing fight, Pacquiao vs someone, anyway the city was absolutely rammed and the Bellagio sold our room. The only thing they could offer us and our friends were two penthouse suites. Absolutely incredible, we had about four rooms to ourselves, tvs in the wall of the loos, room keys that would override other guests in the lift! The full works :rofl:


Yes, I do want to go and have a look at the strip.

Sounds brilliant with your upgrade :grin:

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Las Vegas is nuts, a place to tick off but you’ll want to get out of there after 2/3 days. Stay in the most ludicrously OTT hotel you can for the full experience. Hoover dam and Death Valley worth a trip if you’re there.

Also if you can time it for midweek it’s much cheaper than across the weekend.


My memory is hazy but I believe it was the Flamingo (which is a bit grimy) that had a bar that you pay entry for but once in, all drinks were free until you left. Needless to say my buddy and I got absolutely shitfaced. Ah, good times!


I was talking to someone just after the race on Monday and he actually came from St George, he said Bryce Canyon is also supposed to be excellent.

There’s also the location where 4 states meet but it looks like a painful journey from StG.


I’ve booked the luxurious Motel 6 for 5 nights, it has a microwave and fridge, and hopefully a bed. Edge applied a discount code so I got it for £310 :astonished:

I like to stay in posh hotels!

TBF it’s actually just on the north edge of town and not far from I15 and some of the other locations.

If you are travelling with the wife and kids though I’m not sure how impressed they’ll be :thinking:


Kids are staying with the in-laws :grin:

Some of the air b&bs are ridiculous $1000 a night :rofl:

We’ll probably end up staying a short drive away but will have a hire car!


I just went on Expedia but also some stupid prices, I’m by myself so as long as there’s a bed and it’s clean I’m not that bothered!

Probably need a car as well to get to\from Vegas or wherever.


Bed will be fine @jeffb just give the shower a swerve….


I stayed in one at Galveston I think, wasn’t too bad and I’m sure it will be full of people doing the race so hopefully not parties!

Is that where you are staying?