St George 70.3 WC - October

I’ve gone really upmarket :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Looks like you are a couple of blocks from where I am. It seems like a bigger place than I thought.

TBH you’ll need a car to get anywhere, even if it’s just around St George.

It’s not set up for walking and I don’t think a lot of the roads would be great for cycling either. The lake is quite a way out of town for practice swims and racking too, but they run yellow school buses to get you to the start from the finish area on race day


I’d just about come to that conclusion but it’s good to get it confirmed. Not sure I’ll be visiting the swim very often TBH. We were on the yellow buses at Boston. I’ll probably look at getting one from Vegas for the drive. Galveston didn’t look very big but it was still about 5 miles from my motel to the race area.

St George doesn’t look that big on Google but the scale is probably misleading, and I’m guessing it has very little public transport in comparison to the big cities that have the metro & L etc.

Although I’ve been seeing chickenboy’s photos on Strava\Insta and it looks really nice out of the town, just wondering if I can find time to do a bit more exploring afterwards. I presume it’s not far out of town to get really dark skies, as long as you don’t get eaten by something :grimacing:


This is what my wife and I are doing.

Booked my flights last night and got a few hotels sorted.

Definitely flying into LA and will drive up the 15 to Boulder City for a night (it’s just SE of Vegas)

Stay in St George Thurs/Fri then leave after the race and spend a few days around Zion National Park. We’ll then make our way back and spend the last night in Vegas, like I’ve said before I was too fussed but I guess it could be a fun way to end the trip - booked a room in Caesars Palace.

Tbh the whole route from LA up to Salt Lane City looks fantastic - just wish I had more time


That whole area just looks excellent, Bryce canyon and plenty of others and the drive to Salt Lake City. But after the recent trip I’ll probably have to cut this one back a little bit.

Might be worth booking a car soon as well although I’m sure they can get them from other areas if required.

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Kid free week?!


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:100: :sunglasses:

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Wifey has also mentioned this but I fear she’s trying to do too much in the time we have

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The town isn’t that big and a little non descript. It’s starting to come alive now with all the Ironman hype and the course looks incredible. But I wouldn’t necessarily spend more time than you need to in st George central, unless you plan to use it as a base to venture further afield into Zion park.


I’m 3 days Vegas 4 days St George then another 5 to circle back taking in Zion and Grand Canyon north rim.

Would like to do Death Valley while in Vegas, and fit Bryce in as well.

Oh, and the race….:rofl:


Major result here - had Economy Inn Suites booked for 5 nights at 996 dollars.

Mrs TRO got a slot so we decided to head to St George 1 day earlier otherwise it was going to be a rush before her race, so amended the booking to start a day earlier.

Total price now 566 dollars

Happy days